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Christmas Shopping Guide 2011: Socks

Chistmas StockingIt’s already Christmas shopping season.

Toyland exhibits are opening in stores. It was always a fond memory of mine to visit Toyland at the local store each year. As a kid, you walk through the aisles with wonder in your eyes. It seemed like the toys were stacked to the ceiling and my mind couldn’t keep up with all the items I wanted on my list.

Now, Toylands are everywhere including online. And the gifts aren’t just for kids. Everybody likes to receive a nice gift around the holidays. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve always thought the best gifts are those that a person wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, but really wants.

And when it comes to that kind of special gift I think socks are a great choice.

Christmas Guide 2011 – Socks

Socks are a great gift. They fit well in stockings. They’re something everybody uses just about every single day. Comfortable socks can make you feel great all day long. And yet, socks aren’t always first on the list when it comes to buying them for yourself. It’s for this reason that socks make a great gift.

And socks don’t have to be boring. They can be fun and functional.

Even kids will be excited.

Here are a few of the top socks for 2011 for each person on your Christmas shopping list.

For Her

 Two favorite Christmas socks for her…

Sock It To Me City

Sock It To Me City Socks

These knee-high socks are great. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns. They’ll make for fun gifts for your wife, sister, mother, daughter, or best friend.

Buy Now: Sock It To Me City

SmartWool Ultra Comfy

SmartWool Ultra Comfy

SmartWool has been putting out favorite socks for a long time. They’re trusted to make comfortable socks and they even come in perfect patterns for winter.

Buy Now: SmartWool Ultra Comfy

For Him

 Two favorite Christmas socks for him…

SmartWool Incline

SmartWool Incline Tweed

SmartWool rocks the socks for guys too. I think it’s difficult for guys to buy socks for themselves. But it’s still crucial to find that perfect pair of comfy socks. Everybody loves them including guys.

Buy Now: SmartWool Incline

Wigwam Diabetic Walker

Wigwam Diabetic Walker

Don’t be fooled by the name. These socks are comfortable for anyone. Those with sensitive feet love these.

Buy Now: Wigwam Diabetic Walker

For a Girl

 New Balance N-850 Low Cut

New Balance N850 Low Cut

You know that New Balance makes great shoes, but they also make great socks. This is a comfy kind that comes in all kinds of fun colors. These socks are also held to the high comfortable standard of all New Balance footwear.

Buy Now: New Balance N-850 Low Cut

Roxy Color Me

Roxy Color Me

More fun socks from Roxy. These are great for gifts and really show off a girl’s personality.

Buy Now: Roxy Color Me

For a Boy

DC Ya Brah-BY

DC Ya Brah-BY

DC is what the cool guys are wearing to school. They go great with any skater apparel and will really give your boy something to talk about.

Buy Now: DC Ya Brah-BY

Puma Powercat Soccer Socks

 Puma Powercat Soccer Socks

For the athletic boy, these socks are perfect for soccer games. They’re especailly made for durability and Puma is known for creating quality items.

Buy Now: Puma Powercat Soccer Socks

Christmas Stocking image courtesy of Squirrel Cottage