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Colorful Socks are In Style with Tech Guys

Playing with my colorful socks
Fun with Color

You may have seen colorful socks before, but you might not have seen anything like this.

Tech entrepreneurs out in Silicon Valley are showing their true colors…with their socks.

From In Silicon Valley, Socks Make the Tech Entrepreneur:

“Sometimes I will even browse the women’s section and get the XXL, because they have all the fun colors,” Andrew Trader of Maveron said.

It’s a fun trend and one that offers guys a chance to show off their personalities.

Colorful Socks for Guys

Have you considered wearing more colorful socks?

Here are a few to try.

Smartwool Saturnsphere

Smartwool Saturnsphere

Why let women have all the fun? Like Mr. Trader, men can find some great pairs of colorful socks in the women’s section. They’re only socks and if you’re looking for the most colorful you might have to go with a women’s style in the large sizes.

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Sock It To Me City

Sock It To Me City

Here is another bold offering in the women’s section. The colors are crazy, but if your personality matches you’ll find just what you need with something like this.

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Smartwool Racer Stripe

Smartwool Racer Stripe

You have the sportscar. Now you just need a pair of socks to match. Here is a great pair from Smartwool that includes a racing stripe down the side. We’re back in the men’s section and there are a few gems here to feed your need for speed.

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Smartwool Double Insigna

Smartwool Double Insigna

Stripes are always in style when it comes to socks. You won’t see too many guys that are brave enough to try them, but they don’t know what they’re missing. Here is a great pair of comfortable socks from Smartwool. They’re striped and cool enough to wear with casual or dress attire.

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Smartwool Diamon Jim

Smartwool Diamond

The diamond pattern is another classic style for men’s socks. This version is a little more muted than some styles. I’m sure you could find even more colorful versions if you look around a bit.

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