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The Summer is Great for New Crocs

Crocs Family

It’s time to get that new pair of Crocs.

There are Crocs for the entire family this season. If you’re out and hitting the hotspots this summer you’ll notice dads, moms, and kids all wearing Crocs. At the zoos, at the parks, and even at the waterparks you’ll see the family wearing Crocs and for good reason. Crocs are the perfect summer shoe. They are lightweight and can get dirty. They’re easy to wash off and easy to slip on no matter where you’re heading during the hot summer months.

Crocs have been part of the mainstream now for about a decade or so. They have gone through some ups and downs, but lately Crocs has been back on top. The shoe line has moved into various areas of the footwear industry and recently they even launched their golf shoe line. It’s an exciting time for Crocs and Crocs lovers.

If you’re looking for a new pair of affordable shoes and know they have to be Crocs then you should be all set. In fact, you can deck out the entire family in a great pair this year.

Crocs A-Leigh Sandal

Crocs A-Leigh Sandal

Crocs is more than just the standard Cayman anymore. The brand has expanded into various forms of sandals, wedges, and casual shoes. Here is a great style for women. It still has all the lightweight features you love from Crocs, but in a slip-on that’s stylish and comfortable.

Shop: Crocs A-Leigh

Crocs Cobbler Sandal

Crocs Crocs Cobbler Slide Sandal

Here’s another sandal from Crocs. This time it’s a little slide sandal and it comes in a few different colors including this one in pink. It’s great for slipping on as you rush out the door to enjoy the summer.

Shop: Crocs Cobbler

Crocs Melbourne II

Crocs Melbourne II Short Vamp Slip-On

Crocs has been making casual shoes for a couple years now. Perhaps you’ve even owned a pair already. Here is a great slip-on casual from Crocs. You still get the great color and the comfort, but in something a little different from Crocs.

Shop: Crocs Melbourne II

Crocs Cross Mesh Summer Shoe

Crocs Cross Mesh Summer Shoe Slip-On

Here’s a great shoe for the guys. Summer is even in the name of this one and Crocs knew what they wanted to create with the Cross Mesh. This style has a little more normal look to it than a regular Crocs, but it still has the lightweight feel and it’s perfect for the hot summer months.

Shop: Crocs Men’s Summer Shoes

Crocs Avengers Shoes

Crocs Marvel Super Hero Squad

The Avengers has been one of the biggest movies of the summer. Kids love the superheroes and Crocs knew they had to make the kids happy with this pair of Avengers-themed Crocs. Iron Man and the other heroes are right there on the front. The kids can pretend they’re part of the cast with these on.

Shop: Crocs Avengers Shoes

Crocs Dora Shoes

Crocs Dora Multistripe

Finally we have Dora-themed Crocs for the Dora fans out there. These fun shoes have the classic Crocs look with the favorite cartoon character. They’re great for summer and some of the best kids shoes out there.

Shop: Crocs Dora Shoes

Image Credit: Crocs Official