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Lots of Colors and Wedges for Fall 2011

Fall is here and so are the new cold weather fashions for 2011.

It’s a great time to love apparel and footwear. There are lots of great trends this season and you’re sure to find a few that match your style. And that’s one of the great things about the styles this season – there is something for everybody. You can find something that makes you not only look great, but something that makes you stand out and not just be another face in the trendy crowd.

Here are a few of the major fashion trends for this season…

Colors and Boots for Fall 2011 Shoes

New seasons bring new styles. This fall and winter is no different. The fashion leaders have been preparing this year’s looks for months and now things are finally hitting the store shelves. Here are a few of the major trends in fashion you need to know about.


Huge trend. Fabric covered wedges are everywhere and so are wedges of all kinds. It’s a huge trend for footwear in Fall and Winter 2011. This trend has been around on and off for a few years, but this season it’s going to be huge.

From Fall Fashion 2011 Will Be Big on Wedges

This fall, expect to see a lot of fur, feathers and flared pants, as well as capes, polka dots and wedge boots.

And from This Year’s Top Footwear Trends

Fabric-covered wedges are everywhere…

It’s a big trend. All kinds of wedges are available so you can find just the right pair for your individual style.

Luichiny Night Cap

Luichiny Womens Night Cap Pump

Shop: Luichiny Night Cap

Bold Colors

The 20-year loop rule seems to coming back a bit this season. Big bold colors like those in the late ’80s and early ’90s are coming back. You’ll see lots of solid colors in footwear like blues and greens, pinks and yellows, and browns and navy. Solid on solid is back and the style is out to make a statement.

Jessica Simpson Ely

Jessica Simpson Womens Ely Pump

Shop: Jessica Simpson Ely

Glitter & Glitz

When the weather gets cold it doesn’t mean things are getting toned down. Glitter and glitz are perfect for big events. You can dress up and add some great details to your footwear for extra class.

From Fall Style Guide

Metallics are an annual holiday favorite, but go beyond this year. Copper and rose gold are new shades of metal to melt over…

It’s a great trend you can take advantage. There are many different variations and details available to make your style unique.

Steve Madden Lyddiaa

Steve Madden Womens Lyddiaa Sandal

Shop: Steve Madden Lyddiaa


Fall brings new textures to the stage. There are always quilted patterns and waffled patterns. This season is no different. Look for things like accent stitching, suedes, and other textures to really add depth and personality to your footwear.

MIA Marjorie

MIA Womens Marjorie Flat

Shop: MIA Marjorie


The oxford is big this year. I’m not sure why I put it last on the list because it’s everywhere. It gets your foot covered up for the cold months and keeps things warm. Add some textures to your shoe collection this season. It’ll make for some really great looks.

Fossil Savana

Fossil Womens Savana Oxford

Shop: Fossil Savana


What other fall and winter 2011 have you seen?

Share your own suggestions for cold weather fashion in the comments.