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Growing Up a Steve Madden Girl

ShoeMall Merchandiser Rachel with Steve Madden

The first shoes I ever remember falling in love with were a pair of Steve Madden wedges. They were my first memorable pair of brand name footwear, and in all my fourteen years I had never seen a more perfect shoe. I lovingly called them my bale of hay shoes – in reference to the fact that the heel was covered in a twisted material that resembled straw. While the style may no longer sound fashionable, the brand remained as one of my favorites.

Later, when I was in college, that Steve Madden love stayed with me. I took a class that involved analyzing print ads. What did I choose to base my project around? A Steven by Steve Madden magazine advertisement. I was drawn in by the ad’s juxtaposition of high fashion and industrial images. It was one of my favorites – a creative image for an equally creative shoe brand. (I tried to find a copy of the ad online but no luck.)

Madden Girl Savvyy Pump

Rachel, one of our ShoeMall merchandisers and contributing trend editor to The Shoe Diaries, had the good fortune to meet the Steve Madden last week at the Footwear News Platform Show at MAGIC in Las Vegas. The two are pictured at the event. So jealous! It would have been awesome to meet the namesake of one of the brands that inspired my love of shoes. Not only that, but she says he loves what he does and it really shows when you meet him in person. Having passion of your own can really help to inspire passion in others! Love it!

Steve Madden Tristano Pump

Rachel was also recently quoted in a Footwear News edition almost completely dedicated to Steve Madden as the brand completes its 20th year in the shoe business. She mentioned something that really fits in with my personal experiences with Steve Madden: “ . . . [that customer] can grow up with the brand and that’s pretty cool. It creates customer loyalty and a bond. You can evolve with the brand as it evolves.” – (Quoted from Footwear News). I completely agree – with multiple brands to choose from, Steve Madden offers styles for fashionable women of all ages.

Steven by Steve Madden Xtinct Pump

The Madden Girl line, including the Madden Girl Savvyy Pump, is perfect for the high school girl just venturing out into the world of fun shoes. The main Steve Madden line is a good fit for anyone looking for shoes with more mature fashion forward flair. (I’m really liking the studding on the Steve Madden Tristano Pump right now.) Last but not least is the Steven by Steve Madden line – this really takes things up a notch with additional detailing and drama. (Check out the studded sole on the Steven by Steve Madden Xtinct Pump.)

What about you? What was the first brand of shoes you fell in love with? Have your loyalties changed over the years?