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Guys, Jeans are Out. What to Wear with Tweed and Corduroy

Yellow Corduroy PantsGuys – Put your jeans away. Put your khakis away.

According to one fashion expert, these styles are no longer worthy of modern day men’s attire. It’s time to move past the old traditions in favor of different fabrics.

The new style – or simply a move to a different style – is required and the new fabrics of choice should be tweed and corduroy.

Now, for some men this might bring about thoughts of childhood when your mom would dress you in corduroy pants. She likely thought they were cute on you. Then, as time moved on, you rebelled and brought out the jeans and you never looked back.

Well it’s time for the cords and tweeds to come back.

From If jeans are so naff, what kind of trousers should men wear instead?:

So to conclude this latest extract from my forthcoming tome, Men and Their Trousers (and Why They All Need to Listen to Me More on this Crucial Subject), I shall restate my position, once more: jeans – bad; khakis – depressing; smart, cleverly coloured trousers – good; tweed and corduroy trousers – excellent.

Take note, guys. It’s time to change.

The only question now is – What shoes does one wear with tweed and corduroy pants?

Shoes to Wear with Corduroy and Tweed

Corduroy pants have been around for a while. The style seems more common in Europe than in the USA, but the styles on the other side of the Atlantic often make their way over to the States with a bit of lag. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more corduroy and tweed in the US in the next year or so. Guys that like to add a bit of color to their wardrobe can benefit from the new in style look. Cords and tweeds offer a solution for guys looking to be casual while still having an option for a dressier occasion.

Here are shoes for a few different scenarios.


Born Simon

The key with tweed and corduroy is texture. You need to find shoes that have texture. That could come from a rough look in these Born loafers or from the other styles below. This brown loafer makes the perfect business casual attire common when wearing cords and tweeds.

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Born Harding

Don’t be quick to brush off the saddle shoe. It brings a class and differentiation to the common footwear most men wear. This style is great for casual and dress occasions. If you’re looking to stand out a bit and gain the attention of someone important you would do well with a nice pair of corduroy trousers and saddle shoes.

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Stacy Adams Tamarack

Chukkas are making a comeback in 2012. The boot is something that can be worn with a variety of styles including corduroy. Try this one out in grey and see if you can really add some uniuqe color to your wardrobe. The women will be giving you a second look.

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Yellow Corduroy Pants courtesy of dancingisland