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Flashy Laces on Hiking Boots for Summer 2011

A new trend is appearing in men’s footwear style.

Hiking boots and hiking shoes are showing up everywhere. The street, the malls, and out on the trail. The kick is people are adding a little flair to their hiking style by going with flashy colored laces. There are even some design elements in laces that draw a little extra attention.

Colored Laced Hiking Shoes

Colored Shoe LaceThe colored laces trend is interesting especially for hiking boots.

My first memory of colored shoelaces is back in my days as a kid. I believe I had a pair of Nike Pump basketball shoes. The laces where white with black stripes or something like that.

They were pretty awesome…at the time. And I remember they added at least a foot to my vertical 😉

The next time I remember seeing colored shoe laces was the cool 20-somethings about 5 to 7 years ago. I was in college at the time and having colored laces in your low level Chuck Taylor kind of shoes was the hip thing to do. They added that extra flair people were looking for.

Today the movement seems to be colored laces laced through hiking style shoes and boots. I have to admit it’s kind of cool on a few of the styles.

Teva Forge Pro

Teva Forge Pro

Shop: Teva Forge Pro

Teva is strong in the hiking world. They have the sole technology that grabs the ground no matter how rough the terrain. The EVA insole is mean to keep your foot on a pillow the entire time you’re out on the trail. The upper is lightweight and lets your foot breathe while working up a sweat. And of course in the spirit of this article the laces are bright blue to contrast with the yellow and gray of the shoe.

Skechers Constructor Steel Toe

Skechers Constructor Steel Toe

Shop: Skechers Constructor Steel Toe

This shoe looks rugged. It’s ready out of the box for the trails and the woods. The steel toe construction gives you protection from rocks or other heavy objects on a job site. You can take these straight from the construction site and out onto the trail after a day’s work. The red laces work nice against the brown and black for a stylish look.

Frye Rogan Boot

Frye Rogan Boot

Shop: Frye Rogan Boot

Frye is a leader in the boot business. You get all the top of the line materials with this boot and the comfort that the brand stands in high regard among its peers. You also won’t get much more pop with the colorful red laces than the ones on this brown hiking boot. A great look for the trail, the job site, or the street.

Colored Shoe Lace image courtesy of psyberartist