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Period movies often reveal truths about the history of fashion in America.

Professional Men's Tie

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It’s interesting to look at history through the director’s lens and see what the fashion trends were in history and compare them to today.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark (one of my favorites), Harrison Ford played the lead character, Indiana Jones.

Set in 1936, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas took viewers on a roller coaster ride of fun, excitement and a little history lesson (accuracy not required).

An interesting aspect to the movie and the period with which it takes place is the attire the character Indiana Jones wears throughout the movie.

We all know and recognize the brown leather jacket, brown satchel, white shirt, khaki pants, and of course the brown fedora.

The other important attire Indiana Jones wears is a professional suit. Jones is seen wearing a suit during all times when he’s not out looking for artifacts. Truth be told, there aren’t many times in the movie where he’s wearing a suit, but an example is when he’s in his classroom teaching students about archeology.

Most professional men today still wear a suit and tie to work each day as well as in other public places. Think of salesmen, executives, and pilots. The suit is the official uniform for the professional man.

Rain Suit and Tie

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Most men also wear functional clothes for the daily tasks that take place outside of the public eye. These types of clothes serve a specific purpose such as a pair of jeans, work shoes, and a t-shirt for cutting the grass.

In his great column, How to Dress Like a Man, Jeffrey Tucker explains:

There are two general types of men’s clothing.

First, there are clothes for public consumption: clothing in which to present yourself to others and thereby convey an elevated message about yourself. These are types of clothes you wear to work, to the store, out on the town, at a wedding, at church, at parties, or wherever people are going to see you. The primary objective here is that you look presentable, that you are civilized, a gentleman and not a beast.

The other type of clothing is that which serves a pure functional purpose: that is, that which you wear for yard work, fixing your car, an evening at home, a Saturday washing the house or cleaning, or just knocking around the park with kids. Everyone knows what type of clothes these are. They can all be bought at Wal-Mart or thrift stores, and they are made of cotton.

The great dressing error of our time is to confuse the two. Or more precisely: people think that it is perfectly okay to present yourself to others in clothes which serve a purely functional purpose. They say this is fine because it is comfortable – as if the only thing that matters in life is comfort. Well, it is also comfortable not to shave and not to bathe, and we have a word for people like that: slobs. If you don’t want to be a slob, you have to live with a bit of discomfort.

To some this may seem like an old school approach to fashion and life, but for the gentleman it should make perfect sense.

Actors On and Off the Screen

Every so often, there are examples of when our real lives should reflect the lives we see actors living on and off screen.

On screen, especially in period movies, actors generally portray their characters wearing suits, shirts and ties for public consumption and the appropriate functional attire and footwear for their activities outside of the public eye.

Back to the Indiana Jones example: Suit during the day while teaching and attending events; leather jacket, breathable shirt, satchel, hat, and boots for digging up ancient artifacts.

While Harrison Ford followed the rules of how men should dress for his role as Indiana Jones, he also follows the same rules off the screen.

Most actors realize the importance of their appearance. They understand that public perception is important the more highly regarded they are the more opportunities they will see because of their popularity. Because of the importance of attire and appearance, most actors carefully plan their attire for public consumption.

Here, Harrison Ford is wearing a classic men’s suit and tie.

Dressing well is crucial for professional men and can directly relate to the levels of success a man reaches in life.

The process doesn’t have to be expensive, as Jeffrey Tucker points out, and realizing that clothing should either be for public consumption or for a specific function can actually save you a lot of money on clothing.

The next time you’re online, checking out the latest attire, be sure to remember Harrison Ford and his character Indiana Jones – two perfect examples of how to dress like a man.

Shoes for Public Consumption

Just as important as the classic shirt and tie are men’s shoes.

When it comes to public consumption, it is essential for men to have the proper pair of men’s dress shoes.

Here are three examples:

Leather Classics Men’s Richard Brogue Oxford

Leather Classics Men's Richard Brogue Oxford

Burgundy is a color that goes with black, blue, and gray suits.

Stacy Adams Men’s Madison Oxford

Stacy Adams Men's Madison Oxford

A classic brown, this cap-toe style shoe holds a shine and will last for years in any wardrobe with the quality Goodyear welt construction.

Rockport Men’s Allander Oxford

Rockport Men's Allander Oxford

Lightweight and comfortable; this classic black shoe will go well with all professional clothing in your closet.

Shoes for Functional Needs

Also needed for functional activities are men’s casual shoes, men’s work shoes, and men’s athletic shoes:

Rocket Dog Men’s Resort Boat Shoe

Rocket Dog Men's Resort Boat Shoe

Perfect for spending a day on the lake with friends and family, these reasonably priced boat shoes will look great with khakis and a linen shirt.

Work America Men’s 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

Work America Men's Steel Toe Work Boot

For a day of laboring in the field or in the factory, this steel toe work boot is perfect as it has the durability required.

adidas Men’s Superstar 2G Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Superstar 2G Basketball Shoe

Popular for on the court and for running on the track, these shoes will support your feet and body as you go about your daily athletic activities.

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