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Winter 2012 Style Guide: Men’s Winter Boots

City SnowfallBrrr…

The annual chill is already in the air. The first snow flakes have been falling in various parts of the country. Some areas have already been hit with heavy snow and it’s causing a little bit of chaos.

People are scrambling to pull out those old winter boots as they work to shovel the walks and scrape the windows on the cars. It’s a rough part of the year for some. The good news is you don’t have to worry about how to replace those old winter boots.

When it comes to men’s winter boots for 2012 there are a few can’t-miss options.

Men’s Winter Boots 2012

This season there are new names in the winter boots game. You’ll see options from PF Flyers (Yes, the canvas shoe maker has great new boots), Mark Ecko (stylish winter boots), Clarks, Sorel, and Keen. The last three aren’t new names to the outdoor boot category, but each has something new to offer for the 2012 cold weather season.

For men, the cold temps and the snowfalls usually mean heading outside in the early morning to shovel the walk and snow blow the driveway. It might also mean there is a good chance your feet will get cold. You live outside of the city and have a longer driveway you could find yourself out in the cold for an hour or even more.

And the troubling thing is that it’s always your feet that get cold first.

Don’t get caught shivering this winter. Find yourself some new winter boots and keep those feet toasty warm.

PF Flyers Andover

PF Flyers Mens Andover Boot

PF Flyers has entered the winter boots category for men. The new boots are a deviation from the company’s standard canvas shoe offering, but PF Flyers seems to have found something worthwhile once again. These winter boots are rugged in design and function. They’ll keep your feet warm and protected in even the most harsh conditions. And the sneaker-inspired boots are some of the most comfortable on the market for winter 2012.

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Clarks Ridge

Clarks Mens Ridge Boot

Clarks nails it with their 2012 men’s winter boot. The Ridge has shearling fleece lining to keep your foot and ankle warm even in the coldest of conditions. The rugged outsole is prepared for all the icy conditions when you’re on the driveway working hard to clear the snow for your vehicles. You can be comfortable, warm, and safe out in the snow. It’s a great winter boot.

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Sorel Caribou WI

Sorel Mens Caribou Wl Boot

Sorel doesn’t change much for 2012 and they didn’t really need to. Sorel has been a popular name in men’s winter boots for many years. They know how to put together a great boot that’s warm, comfortable, and durable enough to handle any abuse the conditions put it through. The lining is warm and the outsole is waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry this winter.

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Marc Ecko Keystone

Marc Ecko Mens Keystone Boot

Mark Ecko is a new name in winter boots. You may not expect this one from the dress and casual shoe maker. The boot is great, though. Mark Ecko has brought a great style to the winter boot. It’s a little more streamline in the design and it’s one of those winter boots you can successful wear with your work attire. Just be sure to have a pair of dress shoes to change into once you reach the office.

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Keen Brixen

Keen Mens Brixen Boot

Keen is well known for having some of the best outdoor shoes in the industry. Keen has their own style and the same sentiment is true for winter boots. Keen focuses on their lightweight design and adds a few key features to keep your foot warm and dry this winter. The outsole is durable for any kind of harsh snow and ice mother nature throws at it. You’ll be full protected in this winter boot no matter what you’re doing this snow season.

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City Snowfall image courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi