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A Closet Must-Have: Peep-Toe Booties

Calling all shoe collectors!


All right, I suppose it’s about time for me to admit I have a bit of a problem. Ok, so it may be a tad bigger than just a bit, but not by much. Nonetheless, I personally don’t think it’s absolutely out of control. It is, however, an expensive problem. This I can say because there is actual hard evidence against me – my credit card statement. I like to consider myself an “esteemed collector”, but out in the harsh, real world, I’m socially labeled as a “shoe addict”.

I literally cannot walk into a mall without leaving with a pair of shoes – mind you these are shoes that are so totally cute I couldn’t leave the poor things just sitting all alone on the cold shelf! And going online? It takes every nerve in my body not to advert from my homepage to some other shoe-selling site. This especially takes a toll on my bank account, and I deem it the main culprit of my “collecting”.

The other day, when I was just minding my own business, checking my Gmail, these shoes just popped out of nowhere! Yeah ok, so a swift click and a change in the URL may have been involved, but either way you can hardly call it my fault! Anyway, these shoes I just so happened to stumble across were some of the most glorious shoes ever imagined, you would think they were sent straight from the heavens. Some call them booties or shooties, others simply peep-toe boots, whatever name you prefer, there is no excuse for a closet to be deprived of a pair.

So for all you shoe collectors out there, I’ve decided to share some of my findings.

Luichiny Miss Chief Bootie

Luichiny Miss Chief Bootie

This is the perfect bootie to fancy up any cocktail dress. The suede leather upper with added lace panels makes for just the right amount of girly flare. This Luichiny Bootie also features a back zipper making for an easy entry.

Shop: Luichiny Miss Chief Bootie

Steve Madden Bailley Bootie

Steve Madden Bailley Bootie

Make a bold entry into any party with these Steve Madden Bailley Booties. The pleated calfskin leather upper gives a plain bootie a posh look. I suggest combining this bootie with a pair of dark skinny jeans for a modern look!

Shop: Steve Madden Bailley Bootie

Van Eli Petra Shootie

Van Eli Petra Shootie

This Van Eli Petra Shootie (LOVE!!) is sophisticated enough to be appropriate for the office, but is still stylish every step of the way.  

Shop: Van Eli Petra Shootie

Unlisted Shelf Indulgence Bootie

Unlited Shelf Indulgence Bootie

Personally this caged bootie is my favorite of all (well I would hope so since I just bought a pair!) The zipper down the front gives this bootie a sexy, chic look.

Shop: Unlisted Shelf Indulgence Bootie

Shoebox image courtesy of How Can I Recycle This