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Popular Halloween Costumes: What Shoes To Wear

Halloween is creeping up on us. And if you’re still on the lookout for the perfect costume, it’s time to kick your search into gear!

Aside from choosing to go with a more traditional costume, (witch, Frankenstein, mummy, etc), the trend in recent years is to look to contemporary film, music and television for inspiration.  And along with choosing the right costume to represent your favorite pop culture figure, you need to finish off  your look with the perfect pair of shoes!

So do you want to stand out from the ghoulish pack? I’ve managed to scare up some of this year’s hottest costume ideas, and found some killer shoes to go with them!

Halloween Shoes 2011

Black Swan

The psychological thriller directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler) quickly became one of the standout films of 2010. The film’s stars, actress Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman were lauded for their performances; Portman nabbed Best Actress accolades for her haunting performance at the 2010 Golden Globes, Screen Actor’s Guild  Awards and Oscars. This unique film has sparked quite a bit of interest in the style department for Halloween this year as well.

Black Swan Photo

Are you looking to transform yourself into the Black Swan this year? Along with the black leotard, the feathers,  tulle and signature makeup from the film, you’re going to need a good pair of black flats.

R2 Monti Flat

Shop: Monti Flat

R2 Gavan Slip-On

Shop: Gavan Slip-On

Both of these styles are perfect if you’re going as the Black Swan. And what’s more, you’ll get plenty of use out of these versatile shoes after “All Hallows Eve” as well.

Lady Gaga

Probably one of the most popular costumes last year, and again this Halloween is Lady Gaga (I had fun making my own Gaga costume last year :)).  Lady Gaga is just as popular for her unique fashion choices as she is for her musical talent. This of course makes piecing a costume together that much more fun!

Lady Gaga Photo

Dereon Coast 2 Boot

Shop: Coast 2 Boot

I thought these boots would fit perfectly with Gaga’s cutting-edge style.


Whether you watch it or not, there’s no denying that MTV’s Jersey Shore is one of the most talked about and popular shows on television. One of the show’s main stars, Snooki is among the costume favorites this year.

Snooki Photo

Ed Hardy Dirty Gold Pump

Shop: Dirty Gold Pump

Betsey Johnson Mixxy-P Pump

Shop: Mixxy-P Pump

These pumps may just help you win top prize at this year’s Halloween costume contests. “Fist pump!” 🙂

The Walking Dead & Mad Men

Characters from two of AMC’s top-rated shows are on the Halloween costume must-have list this year as well. Whether you want to dress to impress, or be fit to fight man-eating zombies, here are some shoes to complete your look.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Photo

When you venture out this Halloween, you’re destined to see a lot of men dressed as The Walking Dead main character, Rick Grimes.

Eastland High Fidelity Boot

Shop: High Fidelity Boot

You need to sport a durable boot to take on the Living Dead. And after Halloween, you’ll have a great pair of boots for work or casual wear.

Mad Men

Mad Men Photo

I’ve talked about Mad Men in my blog on 60s fashion. Well, characters from the hit show made the cut of popular costumes this year.

Stacy Adams Randall Oxford

Shop: Randall Oxford

Naturalizers Alarm Pump

Shop: Alarm Pump

I think it would be super cool to get a group of friends together and dress up as some of the characters from the show. These shoes are great picks for your costumes, and timeless styles you can wear today.

Halloween photo courtesy of CricketMad