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Quality Men’s Dress Shoes…Without Breaking the Bank

Looking good is still in style.

Business ShoesToday’s man still needs to look professional and stylish. It’s important to have a clean, professional look for situations including business meetings, job interviews, celebrations, and many more.

While it may be seen as discriminatory there is still a certain perception of how people dress. Dressing well can pay dividends both professionally and personally.

Dressing well includes having a quality pair of dress shoes.

Today, most men seek dress shoes with the following characteristics: comfort, style, and value.

It seems simple, but with rising prices and an increased amount of choice it can be difficult to find the right pair of dress shoes.

So what are the best dress shoes that won’t break the bank?

The Best Dress Shoes for the Money

Cost will always be the most important factor for most things including dress shoes. Most men don’t want to sacrifice too much in quality, though, in exchange for saving a few dollars. The trick is finding a pair of dress shoes that satisfies the need for comfort, style, and durability without breaking the bank.

Here are five of today’s best dress shoes from five well known footwear manufacturers. These styles are all under $100 and come recommended by your peers.

Men’s Dress Shoes for Under $100

Stacy Adams Westby

Stacy Adams Westby

Shop: Stacy Adams Westby

Stacy Adams is getting growing recognition in the footwear industry. The company has figured out a formula for making quality shoes that won’t break the bank. This particular style – the Westby ($74.95) – is inexpensive and stylish. The style of the Westby is classic with a unique play on the popular cap-toe. It will go well with any dress suit or business casual attire.

Kenneth Cole Rise to the Top

Kenneth Cole Rise to the Top

Shop: Kenneth Cole Rise to the Top

Kenneth Cole is a recognized name in footwear and fashion. Slip-ons work in today’s business world. This style – Rise to the Top ($79.95) – has a unique bit across the top to add a stylish ornament. This shoe looks nice, is comfortable, and fits for dress and dress casual settings.

Steve Madden Raddley

Steve Madden Raddley

Shop: Steve Madden Raddley

With most well known brands becoming too expensive for men these days, Steven Madden has come through with a few offerings of quality shoes for under $100. This style style – the Bradley ($84.95) – comes at a great price. This shoe can work for all business settings and can be dressed down to wear with jeans or khakis as well.

Calvin Klein Fedor

Calvin Klein Fedor

Shop: Calvin Klein Fedor

Calvin Klein is another respected name in the fashion world. The Fedor ($97.95) comes in just under the $100 mark. It has a classic blucher construction that looks good for all dress occasions.

Florsheim Bishop

Florsheim Bishop

Shop: Florsheim Bishop

Florsheim has been a leader in men’s shoes for some time. They make many shoes that cross the $100, but the Bishop comes in just under the mark at $98.95. They have the classic cap-toe styling that goes nicely with dress apparel.


Finding mens dress shoes for under $100 can be difficult.

Today, there is a need to find balance between comfort, style, durability, and price. Most are willing to overlook a few slights in the first three to get to a reasonable price point. Generally the $100 mark is a good indicator of a balanced mens dress shoes.

Hopefully you can find something in the styles above that will suit your needs.

And always watch out for leather bottoms vs. rubber or composite bottoms. If you live in harsher weather like the North in the winter time be sure to avoid leather bottoms as they’ll wear out faster than rubber of composite.

Business Shoes image courtesy of RobeRt Vega