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Back to Basics: Retro Sneakers

Retro and basic shoe styles seem to be popular as we head into Summer 2010.

Jay Sean is one of the hottest performers in the US as he’s brought his version of pop and soul stateside after having years of success overseas.

And being an hot performer it’s no surprise to see him wearing the latest fashion trends that folks are loving. Here he is at a recent event wearing retro sneakers.

Jay Sean
Photo by

Retro Sneakers

It seems as though folks are working retro sneakers into their wardrobes to take advantage of comfort while maintaining an edgy and trendy styling with the retro shoes.

Everyone from celebs to folks around the office are wearing sneakers to feel casual and cool, especially on Fridays. With a little blast into the retro past, even uncool folks like me can get a taste of a little style (I picked up a pair of retro New Balance 574s recently). They’re a nice change of pace from the dress shoes normally seen around the office or out on the town for evenings out.

New Balance Men's ML574 Walking Shoe
New Balance Men's ML574

Sneakers are versatile and work perfectly for the summer months. You can wear sneakers all summer with shorts or pants depending on what your activities are for a given day. Be sure to wear them if you’re unsure of the activities on a weekend getaway.

A little retro styling will get you back to the basics of sneakers and the styling will make people take notice as they think, “I remember those sneakers…”

As you can tell by Jay Sean in the photo above, sneakers are perfect to offset a nice blazer or sport coat, retro sneakers can add a little extra casual style when you’re going out on the town for dinner and drinks. You’ll also be able to stay on your feet all day and night if the shoes you’re wearing are comfortable sneakers.

For casual events this summer, be sure to have a pair of casual shoes available. If you’re heading to an office party, heading out for a date, or meeting clients out for drinks, a comfortable pair of sneakers will keep you looking and feeling stylish, casual, and comfortable.

Popular Retro Styles for Summer 2010


New Balance has some great men’s retro style shoes and sneakers available.

Check out the popular New Balance ML 574 and the classic New Balance 496.

For styling like Jay Sean, check out the Marc Ecko Kingsten Oxford.

Marc Ecko Kingsten Oxford
Marc Ecko Kingsten Oxford


Retro is popular in women’s shoes this summer as well.

PF Fliers are back in style. Check out the PF Fliers Center Lo Sneaker. It’s a reissue of the original and with five colors to choose from to fit any outfit.

PF Flyers Center Lo Sneaker
PF Flyers Center Lo Sneaker


Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne – Down

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