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Getting Value From Your Running Shoes

There are 43 million plus runners in America.

Running ShoesThat’s a lot of people running on the side of the road and on the boardwalks. And it means running shoes have become an important part of the footwear industry.

When it comes to choosing the right running shoe for you there are a few things to understand. As a general rule of thumb you’ll need to understand that purchasing a cheap pair of womens running shoes is more likely to put you at risk of injury.

The good news is you don’t have to purchase the most expensive pair of running shoes either.

It’s all about getting the best value at a price range you’re comfortable with for the long-run (pun intended).

Spending Money on Running Shoes

Think of running shoes as an investment. A good pair of womens running shoes can prove valuable for many miles as you work on toning your body and staying in excellent physical and mental shape. You’re paying yourself by investing in shoes that will keep you comfortable and safe while you’re keeping your body in good health for the long-term.

That said, it’s important to find a pair of shoes that fits your style of running and your style of budget.

Price Point


A good price point to start at with running shoes is $80. Generally, shoes above this price point will be of quality construction and made of good materials. Once you get past this price point it’s all about finding the right pair of shoes for your unique style of foot structure. You’ll want to try a few different shoes to make sure you find the pair that provides support to the upper portion of your foot (no more twisted ankles) while being lightweight yet durable for running on the pavement, in the gym, and even on the trail.

Feel Is Important

You’ll want to find shoes with good cushioning. That means good quality. There can be give and take on how comfortable a shoe is and how durable the style is. Find the combination of comfort and durability you’re comfortable with and make the purchase.

Style and Function

Now, there are a few folks out there with the understanding that running is more than just working out. It’s also a social activity. You can take runs with friends, co-workers, and your family. It can be a time of enjoyment as you hit the sidewalk in the park to have some fun while being active.

And any time you’re out in public it’s important to look your best. There are many different color options and stylings of running shoes available. These days most of the top brand names shoes are made of quality materials and designed for good running function.

So feel free to choose the style that matches your own and you’ll be looking good while working out.

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Running Shoes for Fall 2011

Here are a few new styles for Fall 2011…

Keen A86 TR Running Shoes

Keen A86 TR

Shop: Keen A86 TR

Lightweight, breathable and plenty of cushion to keep you active on the trail – this shoe from Keen is great if the color and style matches your personality.

Merrell Lithe Glove Running Shoe

Merrell Lithe Glove

Shop: Merrell Lithe Glove

The fabric upper on this style from Merrell offers a little more room to breathe and move around. Make sure it’s the right style and feel for you before making this purchase. It’s always a big decision when it comes to the right running shoe.

Reebok Premier Zigfly SE

Reebok Womens Zigfly

Shop: Reebok Zigfy Women’s

This style is updated and still hot for Fall 2011. A great running shoes with plenty of support and style.

Running Shoes image courtesy of Josiah Mackensie