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ShoeMall’s Shoes to Say I Do – Elegant Wedding

Rachel K.'s Elegant Wedding Dress

Wedding season has just gotten underway, but our wedding shoe series is drawing to a close. Our final model is another ShoeMall employee – Rachel K. Her dress is a great example of a timelessly elegant wedding dress. The cut, style and simple embellishments make this a dress that has the potential to be fashionable many years into the future. Who knows, if she has a daughter someday it may even become a family heirloom!

When pairing shoes and accessories with an elegant dress, you have a couple of options. You can choose to play into the timelessness of the style and choose classic and simple styles. Some possibilities include a veil with a blusher or drop veil and a pair of elbow length gloves.  You can also take the opportunity to add an edge to your outfit with more modern extras.  I’m thinking a birdcage veil and chunky necklace would be a couple of great options.

Shoes for an Elegant Wedding Dress

Are you wondering what type of footwear might go well with an elegant wedding dress? Our fashionistas are here to help! They have chosen some great options in a variety of styles. Let’s take a look at their suggestions.

Beacon Felicia Pump

If you’re looking to add a vintage edge to an elegant dress, Pepsi suggests the Beacon Felicia Pump. She loves the marriage between vintage and romance in this bold pump. The cushioned footbed and thicker stiletto will help to make this 3 inch heel a little more comfortable on your feet. At only $49.95, this shoe is pretty easy on your wallet as well! TIP: If you plan well, you may be able to use your wedding shoes to save on alteration costs. Dress too long? Try a pair of higher heels. Dress already the perfect length? Stick to a pair of flats.

Jessica Simpson Milana

Should you want to go the timeless route and stick to a pair of classic white pumps, Rachel recommends the Jessica Simpson Milana Pump. The classic silhouette is a great example of the classic d’Orsay style. Although this is certainly a more traditional shoe, I think the cutaway side gives it a bit of a playful edge. This shoe many not last long – it’s current 50% off at $39.99. BONUS: The peep toe on this shoe will help to show off your wedding day pedicure.

Unlisted TV List Sandal

If a modern edge is more your style, Anna proposes the Unlisted TV List Sandal. Although the style is fairly simple, the back bow adds a punch of ‘now’ to this shoe. I really like that this sandal looks like it’s tied around the ankle, but is actually secured with a hidden zipper. Although shoes tied on with ribbons/fabric are in right now, they may not be fun to deal with on your wedding day – especially if you’re not used to wearing them! This is a great compromise if you’re looking for that type of a style. Plus, at $49.95 you won’t have to compromise your budget getting the shoe you want! TIP: It’s a fact of life – white shoes may get dirty. If you’re worried, bring a pair of flip flops to wear anytime you’re outside and not taking wedding pictures.

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