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ShoeMall’s Shoes to Say I Do – Outdoor Wedding

We are on to the second week of our wedding series. Last week we brought you “ShoeMall’s Shoes to Say I Do – Grecian Wedding” and this week our topic of choice is: Outdoor Weddings. According to The Wedding Report, 35% of weddings are outdoor and 53% of weddings are performed in a church.

Outdoor Wedding

Photo created by: Beata HaugMy husband and I are featured in this post. Although it seems like a lifetime ago, we were married in August two years ago. 

Outdoor weddings can be very beautiful but may involve more planning and wiggle room for changes at the last minute. Some things to think about and important tips for having a successful outdoor wedding include:

1) Don’t rely on the weather
It’s important to have a back-up plan in case it is raining or the weather will not be suitable for your plans. This could be a church, your reception hall, or anywhere that can fit your wedding party and your guests.

2) Your guests
A common problem with outdoor weddings is that your guests are not able to hear (this is mostly caused by wind or if you have a big wedding). Consider talking with your DJ about options they may have available to you.

3) Picking your date
Depending on your location, you may only want to plan your wedding during certain months. Traditionally, June has always been the most popular month for couples to get married. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, July and August are actually overtaking June as the most popular month. Whichever month you choose, make sure it is right for your location!

4) Shoes
Of course shoes are important, and especially on your wedding day. A flat or wedged heel will probably be your best choice with an outdoor wedding since you will probably be walking in grass or possibly even standing in grass most of the time. Our resident shoe experts Anna, Pepsi, and Rachel have decided on their suggestions for an outdoor wedding.

Volatile Ladies Night $59.95
Volatile Ladies Night $59.95

Anna chose the Volatile Ladies Night for $59.95 in white. Volatile is a great brand for wedges. If you still need the height but are having an outdoor wedding and don’t want to try the 4-inch stiletto, your best option would be a 4-inch wedge like this choice!TIP: A platform helps to give you the height without the hurt.

Fergie Isatope $69.95
Fergie Isatope $69.95

Pepsi chose color this time around with the Fergie Isatope  for $69.95 in magenta. I think she had visions from my wedding on her mind with this choice seeing as though this shoe would have matched with my wedding colors beautifully. You can tell by looking at the colors of my flowers in the picture! This is a gorgeous shoe, and with it being a flat it would stay comfortable on your feet all night long. BONUS: With style and color this gorgeous, don’t worry about finding another outfit to wear them with after your wedding is said and done!

Nina Hilaria $39.95
Nina Hilaria $39.95

Rachel chose cute and comfy with the Nina Hilaria for $39.95 in white. This is very similar to what I actually wore to me wedding. I love my flip-flops, and that’s virtually what this is with some flowers as a bonus. TIP: Be comfortable, and wear something that you are used to wearing to eliminate sore feet that night or the next day.