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Tangerine Tango is the Pantone Color of 2012

Orange Flower

It’s 2012 and there is a new hot color in the fashion world.

Pantone has come out with their biggest color of the year and it might just surprise you. Get ready because you’ll be seeing this color on everything in 2012 and if you want to be part of the fun you’ll be prepared with all the shoes, bags and apparel you’ll need.

The Pantone color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango.

Pretty cool, right?

Orange is a great color. There have been a few trends mentioning brighter colors as one of the throwbacks for 2012. You might remember back in the late ’80s and early ’90s that neon colors and bright colors were very popular in fashion. It seems like people are ready for loud style again and it’s starting with Tangerine Tango.

Tangerine Tango Color in 2012

The bright orange color will be everywhere this year. You’ll be seeing it on sun dresses, on hats, on bags, and on shoes. And we all know how important a great pair of shoes can be for an outfit.

Here are some of the newest options for orange footwear for 2012.

Jessica Simpson Waleo

Jessica Simpson Waleo

This hot orange style from Jessica Simpson is brand new for 2012. The orange color will be everywhere by the spring and summer months. This high heel will stand out no matter what style you’re wearing. You can spice up your office style or have something fun to add to your night out apparel. This is a great heel that is basic in look, but updated in style and fashion.

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Franco Sarto Safari

Franco Sarto Safari

The cork wedge is the perfect summer sandal. This style is updated from Franco Sarto and is ready for 2012. You’ll be looking as hot as the orange color when you hit the sidewalk for an afternoon at the beach or hanging out with some friends. Show off your style and fun side all summer long with this great wedge now available in summer’s hottest color.

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Merrell Pace

Merrell Pace

For those early mornings when you hit the trail for a run you’ll still need to make a fashion statement. These running shoes from Merrell are perfect for comfortable running and the new orange color makes it perfect for this year’s biggest fashion look. All the latest running technology is there to ensure a successful and safe run and you know you’ll be getting a few looks from others as they check out your blazing hot orange shoes.

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More to Come

Tangerine Tango is a great color. It’s a little brighter than some colors you might expect, but it’s a year to let your worries wait for tomorrow and have some fun. Sometimes life can get you a little down, but when your put on that new pair of orange shoes you know you’ll be styling and feeling good as you walk out of the house.

It’s going to be a great year in 2012 and we’ll all have our Tangerine Tango shoes ready to go.

Stay tuned because we’ll look at a few more of the Pantone Colors of 2012 in future posts.

Orange Flower image courtesy of josef.stuefer