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The Father’s Day Basics

A Father's Day Basic

For dads, it’s time to tear up the honey-do list, put down the grilling spatula and take a break from all the summer projects around the house.   Father’s Day is coming up, and for my dad that means a round of golf in the morning, a cookout in the evening and a lot of couch-sitting in between.

What about yours?

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more I realize how great my dad was (and still is) at so many things.  I think about all the stuff he can fix, all the food he can grill, and of course, all the advice he just loves to give out.   I enjoy Father’s Day because it gives me an opportunity to show how much I appreciate him.

Now . . . with that said . . . he’s not exactly easy to shop for (like a lot of dads, I’m sure).   So my advice to you when that weekend comes around?  Think about the basics—golf, cookout, couch-sitting.  There’s a gift idea in there somewhere.

Ecco Men’s Tour Hybrid GTX

When my dad goes to the course I want him to look good and play well.  I can’t control the latter, but a new pair of shoes can take care of the former.  He’s had the same old ones for a decade, so I know he’d be excited to open a box with these in them.  Honestly, the new styles are nice, but nothing beats a classic look.  He might even end up looking as good as I do out there (as I walk around trying to find my ball in the weeds).

Born Men’s Gildeon Sandal

After a long round, I know my dad will want to change into something more comfortable while he enjoys the sun with the rest of the family.  These are a step up from your typical summer thong sandals.  They’re a little more durable and they look a lot nicer.  They’re good for summer parties when a regular sandal is too casual and it’s just a little too hot for shoes.  

Dockers Men’s Ladero Slip-On

And finally, as my dad kicks back to relax, I could see him slipping into a pair of these.  They’re light, comfortable and probably my favorite summer shoe.  They’re nice to just hang around in whether you’re inside or out.


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