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The Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

Image courtesy of midiman

For many brides, picking out your wedding shoes is a pretty big deal, and we all know there are several options out there. Finding the perfect pair doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some key points to keep in mind while trying to complete your look for your special day.

1) Comfy is key. Sure those 4-inch blue Manolo Blahnik’s are sexy, but it takes a real special gal to wear those hours upon hours. If you really have to have them, I would think about getting a back-up pair for the dance/reception! Many women opt for a wedge if they need that height, and these will keep you out on the dance floor a lot longer.

2) Price. A lot of women have to be on budget, and therefore it may be hard to justify spending $500 on a pair of shoes you will be wearing for one day. Although many can be pricey, it is also fairly easy to shop online to find something within your budget. Try ShoeMall’s Shoe Finder and adjust the price to what you want to spend.

3) Material. I witnessed my poor girlfriend wear a pair of non-breathable faux patent heels on her wedding day. Enough said, make sure they your feet can breathe and your shoes offer some kind of air flow. Strappy pumps and sandals will help with this problem.

4) Your dress. It is important to have your shoes with you when you get your dress altered seeing as though the length of your dress, and the heel height of your shoes need to match up, unless you want your dress to be dragging on the floor or too short.

5) Color. While many brides-to-be opt to wear the traditional white pumps, many others are opting to wear any (color) of the above. Just like last year, if its in the rainbow, it is fair game for these brides!

If I could go back in time and pick out different wedding shoes all over again, I would opt for color this time around. My top three picks would be:
Nina Elijah $89.95 at– The super cute, air-flowing Bandolino Deelite Sandal for $59.95 in pink
– The hot, but maybe too high of a heel for me… Nina Elijah pump for $89.95 in canary (sold out) or champagne
– The ultra comfy Born Sade Sandal for $129.95 in turquoise.