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The Perfect Pair?

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I was definitely surprised when I first heard that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were seeing each other. She seemed spunky and a little wild. He seemed vulgar and a little dirty. I didn’t get it and didn’t think it would really last – probably because he didn’t really strike me as the monogamous type.

It’s been five months, and I can admit I might have been wrong. They seem to complement each other surprisingly well! The couple, who took the first step toward making things official over New Years, seem to be getting a head start on the honeymoon. In recent months they’ve visited India, Paris, Berlin and London. I guess the couple who travels together stays together! One important stop for the twosome was a recent party in Beverly Hills. According to, fifty of the couple’s family and friends helped them celebrate their engagement with a party at the romantic Italian restaurant Il Cielo. Ahh, young love!

Clarks Salon Bliss Sandal

Russell and Katy showed off their sweet side by attending the Arts of Elysium Heaven Gala this week. According to the organization’s website, the event helps to raise funds for a program that “encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions.” It’s great to two people with such star power supporting such a great cause!

Naughty Monkey Me O My Pump

Katy is pictured attending the event in an adorable togo-esque gown. Could she be wearing white in preparation for her big day? Either way, I have to say I’m not really feeling her footwear choice. Don’t get me wrong – I normally love Katy’s unique, flirtatious style. However, the color and style of these shoes sort of remind me of ace bandages. A better option might have been the Clarks Salon Bliss Sandal. The simple style seems fitting for this Greek style dress. If she was looking for something dressier, I might have suggested the Naughty Monkey Me O My Pump. It’s a little riskier, but I think the studded, rocker edge would have worked on Katy!  (Or would the Report Signature Vaugn Sandal have been better? Sound off in the comment section below!)

As a side note, please don’t forget to watch the “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” telethon tonight at 8 PM EST and contribute if you can. It will air on pretty much all of the major channels.