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Wellington Boots Big in Spring 2011

Girl Jumping In PuddleThe Duke of Wellington was the first to wear what became known as Wellington Boots. The Duke needed them for his military adventures, but the functionality and style of the creation quickly caught on and today the styled rubber boots are popular all over the world.

Wellington boots have their English background from their Irish founder. The style became popular as a way to keep feet dry during the wet times during the English year. Never fear when puddles are near with a pair of Wellingtons. The kids especially loved them since kids love puddle jumping anyway.

Wellington Boots – Spring 2011 Trend

Wellington boots have been popular for a couple centuries, but footwear designers have been making some design improvements that will see a rising interest in the boot this spring.

New styles of Wellington boots for kids are everywhere. Boot makers have figured out how to put kid-friendly designs on the boots. There are boots with cartoon characters and other designs kids love.

Parents love Wellington boots for their kids. The rubber boots are easy to slip on. Most of the styles come with handles on the top to make it easy to pull on and slip off. The rubber material keeps feet and lower legs dry when the kids are playing outside in the mud and water in the spring time.

English Wellington Boot Style

Wellington boots have their background deeply entrenched in English history. Along with the basic design of the boot there is also more style influenced from the English for this year’s crop of new Wellingtons.

Plaid and buckles are very popular right now. Look for straps and buckles to be a big style trend. Browns, yellows, and tans are big colors influenced from the English countryside. There is also a bit of plaid showing up that has its background in the English world.

Wellington boots are a must have for this spring. Be sure to find some that suit your needs and your style.

Wellington Boot Shopping

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Chooka Women’s Houndstooth Boot

Chooka Houndstooth Rain Boot

Shop: Chooka Houndstooth Boot

Here is a rubber boot for women with classic English styling. The buckles add a nice tough at the top and the rubber material will keep you dry no matter how wet things get this spring.

Western Chief Girls Hello Kitty Boot

Western Chief Hello Kitty Boot

Shop: Girls Hello Kitty Boot

Kids love jumping in puddles in the spring time. Even though it’ll drive you nuts you’ll feel a bit better knowing they’re feet are a bit more dry with these rubber boots. Plus the designs fit your girl’s favorite characters.

Western Chief Boys Fireman Boot

Western Chief Fireman Boot

Shop: Boys Fireman Rubber Boot

What little boy doesn’t love pretending to be a hero fireman? He’ll look and feel the part in these great fireman rubber boots from Western Chief. And he’ll even keep his feet dry when he’s out rescuing his action figures from puddles.

Bogs Men’s Ultra High Boot

Bogs Ultra High Boot

Shop: Bogs Ultra High Boot

These black rubber boots are stylish and comfortable for men. The handles on the side make it easy to slide these on. The boots are completely waterproof yet breathable for the ultimate comfort. Stay dry this spring with a classic pair of mens Wellingtons.

Girl Jumping in Puddle image courtesy of Audrey Elizabeth