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What to Wear with Jeggings

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I recently went out on a limb and bought my first pair of jeggings. I was a little nervous to try the new trend. I loved the look on other people, but wasn’t sure if I could translate it into my own closet.  It turns out, finding something to wear with this season’s hottest pant is easier than it looks. I don’t regret my purchase – in fact I went out again the next weekend and bought another pair ok jean leggings in a darker wash. This style accomplishes the same type of look as skinny jeans, but looks a lot smoother and is so much more comfortable! If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge, I’m here to help you figure out what to wear with jeggings!

Not Rated Starlet Boot

One of the best pieces of advice I got was from my best friend Carrie.  She’s one of those girls who just knows how to pull an outfit together – right down to the last detail. She has been a good influence on my wardrobe but a bad influence on my wallet since we were freshman in high school! Anyway, she said that if the jeggings have back pockets, treat them as normal jeans.  If the jeggings do not have back pockets, treat them like leggings. Translation – no back pockets means cover your backside; back pockets mean you don’t have to worry as much about your shirt length. If you’re new to the jegging trend, I recommend finding a pair with back pockets – it will make it that much easier to match shirts you already have to your new purchase.

R2 Meyer Boot

In terms of shirt styles, I like a couple of different looks with jean leggings.  Anything layered looks good. A longer shirt under a short vest, a longer open sweater over a solid shirt, an open blazer over a more casual tee… These looks can work well with any type of jegging.  Another great option is a longer sweater or printed shirt cinched with a belt at mid-waist. This option is a good idea if your jean leggings don’t have back pockets and you’re looking something that will cover you up a bit more. The belt helps you keep a little more shape to your look by defining your waist, especially if you’re working with a shirt that is a little baggier.

Blowfish Smooth Flat

Finally, it’s important to consider your footwear.  My personal favorite shoe to wear with jeggings is a boot.  Over-the-knee boots are super-hot right now and a great option. I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of my Not Rated Starlet Boot in grey. You can also purchase this OTK boot in black. Another great choice is a simple, suede, flat boot like the R2 Meyer Boot. This look is great for running errands on the weekend -comfy, casual and cute.

Madeline Batinka Flat

If boots aren’t your style, try to pair your jeggings with patterned or embellished flats. Patterned flats work well if you’ve kept your shirt simple and in a solid color. A good option here would be the Blowfish Smooth Flat. Embellished flats work with either simple or patterned shirts.  I love the classic pearls on the Madeline Batinka Flat, but anything with a little extra attention to detail will work. Studs, gems, flowers, etc. will all  help to give a little something extra to your new look – whether they are on a pair of flats or high heels.