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What to Wear: Jumpsuits, Rompers and Women’s Leather Sandals

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Rompers, jumpers, jumpsuits… whatever you are calling them, babies are not the only ones wearing them this summer! Depending on where you shop, retailers are not all on the same page, and not sure what to call them yet, but I will call them rompers for sake of keeping things somewhat simple. 

Many celebrities are seen out and about with these cute, trendy outfits on as well. Alicia Keys was on Good Morning America last week wearing this all white, belted romper while performing on stage. I don’t know if it is the simplicity or just that they are something new out in the market, but I love them! I took some time, and did a little shopping to find you my favorites.

Andrea’s Top 5 Romper Picks

There are several choices out there for you in all sorts of colors, fabrics and styles. I searched the internet high and low, and here are my top five picks, which is your favorite?

1) Fang Belted Tank Top Romper – on sale for $17.99
2) Free People Chocolate Crochet Romper – on sale for $70.95
3) Southpole Knit Tube Short Jumper – on sale for $12.99
4) Volcom Take Cover 2 Romper – $36.00
5) Sparkle & Fade One-Shoulder Ruffle Romper – $58.00

What to Wear: Women’s Leather Sandals

Now that I’ve shown you where to buy your favorite romper, lets talk about your shoes, and what types of sandals go with this trend. Since most of the rompers out there are so simple, I think it is best to keep your feet looking simple as well. Every once in a while you will find a dressier romper in which you could simply dress up your feet as well. Here are my top five picks:

1) Enzo Angiolini Women’s Favazzo Leather Sandal – $79.95
2) Roxy Women’s Rickie Sandal – $38.95
3) Fergie Women’s ISO Leather Sandal – $69.95
4) Steve Madden Women’s Chainge Leather Sandal – $79.95
5) ZiGi Women’s Giselle Leather Sandal – $59.95

Steve Madden Chainge - $79.95
Steve Madden Chainge - $79.95