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What to Wear to a BBQ or Summer Picnic

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With 4th of July festivities right around the corner, I have been thinking about summer picnics and BBQ’s. My family is known for having at least a few BBQ’s every summer to gather friends and family and have a great meal, play some games and of course… to socialize and chit-chat!

So, what do you wear to these type of events?  You want to be casual and comfortable yet not look like you’re ready for the beach. Tiffany Bell from Associated Content has these tips for us: Some good questions to ask yourself to see if you are barbecue/picnic ready would be: Can you bend over while tossing a football around? Avoid too short of shorts or a miniskirt that you can’t move in. Can you clean your outfit in the washer and dryer, or is it dry-clean only? You don’t want to be wearing your best to a barbecue. Can you walk in the grass? Stilettos or higher heels are not ideal for a picnic where you will be walking in a lot of grass because your heels will sink into the ground leaving you feeling uncomfortable.

Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are seen here from Good Morning America promoting their new movie coming out “Knight and Day” (which I cannot wait to go see!). Although they are not on their way to a barbecue here, they definitely could wear what they have on to one! Cameron has the style and poise to be on her way to that picnic of yours. She is prepared for the weather. It is always nice to wear or bring a button up oxford shirt such as the one she has on or some type of light jacket or sweater in case the weather changes during the course of the day.

What to Wear to a BBQ or Summer Picnic

When it comes to your feet, many people tend to opt towards a flip-flop or ultra comfy sandal. For those of you that don’t care to wear flip-flops don’t worry because there are many more options out there. Espadrilles, gladiators, and huaraches are some other styles that are sure to leave you feeling comfortable.

Shop: Fossil Laura $49.95
Fossil Laura $49.95
Sleek and on-trend, this toe-ring thong would be perfect for any summer get-together or BBQ. All leather upper, lining, and sole make this the all-around perfect summer shoe.
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Born Jodie $84.95
Metallic goes with just about everything, especially this soft gold metallic. This classic huarache has a relaxed, modern look and is sure to look good on you this summer. This style is also available in pewter.
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Steve Madden Fauntain
Espadrilles are the perfect pair of shoes to wear to an outdoor summer event. They are lightweight, fresh-looking, and absolutely adorable. This particular styles is available in 6 other colors ranging from natural or black to leopard or denim.

Now that we have your feet covered, don’t forget those shades! Sunglasses are a must at any outdoor event to protect your eyes and keep you comfortable.

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Chinese Laundry Celeb Sunglasses $29.95