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10 Best Mens Winter Boots

Holidays, cozy fires, cold weather sports, and hot cocoa – all reasons to look forward to winter.

SnowfallOk so not everyone is excited about winter, but there are some good things about the cold weather and the snow…Ok I can’t think of anymore other than what I mentioned above but there has to be a few more good reasons.

Either way the chilly temps and the snow are on their way.

Do you have your winter boot situation figured out yet?

Don’t get caught walking to the mailbox or even shoveling the first snowfall this winter in your old tennis shoes or leaky winter boots. There are tons of great mens winter boots available to keep your feet warm and comfortable when things get blustery.

Winter Boots Men

10. Keen Winterport II Boot

Shop: Keen Winterport

Keen Winterport II Boot

At first glance you may not notice that this is basically a souped up Keen sandal. The comfort of the Keen sandal is here in this winter boot and all the necessities for winter are added. The sole is made for traction – essential for any winter activities. The upper is meant to keep you warm and protected from water that may leak in and cause discomfort. The unique pull string construction is what separates this boot from others.

9. Sorel Cold Mountain Zip Boot

Shop: Sorel Cold Mountain

Sorel Cold Mountain Zip Boot

This winter boot from Sorel offers a high rubber protection on the sole and above the sole. The suede upper is also waterproof to offer full protection from the cold water, snow, and ice. This boot is designed for easy on and off. The zip front makes it easy to slide into just before heading outside. The insole is also removable if you have your own preference for a comfort insole.

8. Columbia Bugaboot Omni-Heat Boot

Shop: Columbia Bugaboot

Columbia Bugaboot Omni-Heat Boot

The sole on this Columbia winter boot is heavy duty and made for rough winter terrain. This boot is meant for versatility in the outdoors during the cold winter months. You’ll be able to walk through various terrain while not feeling weighed down by a huge boot. The construction is durable, comfortable, and functional. Plus it looks cool.

7. The North Face Vanton II Boot

Shop: The North Face Vanton

The North Face Vanton II Boot

The North Face makes heavy duty outdoor gear. This boot is meant for hard abuse in the extreme cold. The bottom is made for hard terrain while providing traction on even the most slippery surfaces. The tongue is designed to keep dirt and water out while protection your foot from cold drafts as well. This boot is packed with 400 grams of insulation so you’ll feel no effects of the cold even in extended periods outdoors this winter.

6. Merrell Isotherm 6 Waterproof Boot

Shop: Merrell Isotherm

Merrell Isotherm 6 Waterproof Boot

Merrell is one of the best at designing footwear for the elements. This winter boot looks and feels like but it also keeps you warm and protected. The ridges on the toe make it easy for slipping into snowshoes and other winter gear. The entire boot is waterproof yet breathable for comfort and protection. Fleece lining will keep your feet nice and warm while also providing comfort as you go on your winter treks.

5. Sperry Top-Sider Wetlands Boot

Shop: Sperry Wetlands

Sperry Top-Sider Wetlands Boot

This wide sole boot is designed to keep your stable during slippery, wet conditions. The upper is full-grain leather and the lining is insulated with comfortable material to keep you nice and warm. The lace-up front allows you to control the fit making this boot versatile for your specific need.

4. Marc Ecko Keystone Boot

Shop: Marc Ecko Keystone

Marc Ecko Keystone Boot

Marc Ecko lined this boot with fleecy material to keep your foot comfortable and warm. The roll over top allows you to control how high the boot is on your leg. You can roll it up for those extra cold winter days. The sole is lugged for traction. The insole is made for comfort as it absorbs any shock you may feel when stepping on uneven surfaces. This boot is great for shoveling the drive or sitting and watching a chilly playoff football game.

3. Clarks Palisade Boot

Shop: Clarks Palisade

Clarks Palisade Boot

This winter boot from Clarks is light and flexible. The design allows your feet to stay warm while still allowing motion. The pull tabs on the side of the upper make it easy to pull on your foot. The boot is full waterproof and is lined with fleece to keep your foot warm all winter. The accent stitching offers a nice look for winter.

2. Timberland Rime Ridge Premium Boot

Shop: Timberland Rime Ridge

Timberland Rime Ridge Premium Boot

The topline on this Timberland winter boot offers flexibility on your foot while still protecting you from the elements. The sole is made to keep you stable on the ground no matter what the conditions. The fleece keeps your foot warm in the coldest conditions and the classic Timberland look makes for a great boot.

1. Sorel Caribou Boot

Shop: Sorel Caribou

Sorel Caribou Boot

This boot from Sorel has the classic winter boot design. The bottom is rubber for protection from water while the upper is made to withstand any cold temps. The inner boot at the bottom is lined to keep your foot warm as well. The Caribou boot is made to withstand arctic conditions but it’ll do just fine in your driveway.

Snowfall image courtesy of Dawn Huczek