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The 2011 Complete Guide to Womens Athletic Shoes

Who’s ready to work out?

Woman JoggingOk so even if working out isn’t you’re favorite summer activity there is still room for some great workout shoes in your life. Summer is here and that means we can spend time outside jogging, sprinting, and playing activities like ultimate Frisbee. There is plenty to do in the warm summer months and as long as we’re active we’ll remain healthy.

Women’s Health just released their Shoe Finder 2011 and it includes some great women’s athletic shoes. Check it out for all kinds of great ideas.

I happen to notice some of the shoes were available on ShoeMall and thought it’d be worthwhile to share with you a few of the key benefits to them.

Check it out…

Women’s Athletic Shoes 2011 Guide

Let’s get fit in 2011…

Asics Gel Upshot

Asics Gel Upshot

Shop: Asics Gel Upshot

This is a great shoe for the gym. You can use it for running on the treadmill, hitting the court for a game of hoops, or in the weight room getting lean and mean. The EVA midsole keeps your foot comfortable even as it twists and turns as you work out. The mesh panels on the upper allow your foot to breathe as you work off those few extra winter pounds. It’s an all around great gym shoe made for stability and support while maintaining a great athletic shoe style.

Saucony ProGrid Peregrine

Saucony ProGrid Peregrine

Shop: Saucony ProGrid Peregrine

Here’s a rugged yet comfortable trail shoe from Saucony. The sole is designed to take on the rough trail while keeping you on your feet and stable. The tongue is connected to the upper to keep debris out of your shoes. Whod doesn’t hate the feeling of a pebble in your shoe? The upper has strategically placed mesh to keep things breathing and your foot drive no matter how much energy you exert out on the terrain. Plus turquoise was a great trend for 2011 women’s shoes.

Merrell Pace

Merrell Pace

Shop: Merrell Pace

Here is Merrell’s dive into barefoot running. The Pace is perfect for the organic trail runner. These have the Vibram rubber sole for the latest in barefoot running technology. You’ll be protected just enough from the elements, but you’ll be able to feel the ground beneath you as you make your way around the beautiful outdoors. The shoe is lightweight and perfect for running the trails or hitting the ultimate frisbee field.

Asics Gel-Tech Walker NEO 2

Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 2

Shop: Asics Gel-Tech Walker NEO 2

Asics has long been known for great walking shoes. This comfortable style is a great update to their core line of walking shoes. The Walker NEO 2 has the basic styling of past Asics (why change a good thing?) with a few new wrinkles. The entire upper is made of stretchy materials so the shoe completely wraps around your foot. It’s the ultimate in stability and fit. You won’t feel like you’re going to walk out of them.

Ryka Synergy

Ryka Synergy

Shop: Ryka Synergy

Here’s a 2011 athletic shoe that’s a bit different from the rest. The Synergy is designed to be the ultimate in lightweight athletic shoes. You’ll feel like you’re running barefoot without the pain of actually doing it. The forefoot strap you’ll notice is there to keep things adjustable in the front of the shoe. It looks a little different, but it allows you to conform the shoe to fit your foot. A great little feature because when we’re active we need the best fitting shoe possible to prevent injury.

Woman Jogging image courtesy of lululemon athletica