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The Best Women’s Running Shoes…to Wear Sockless

Woman RunningDo you prefer to go sockless?

The question of socks and running shoes has been raised a few times recently and I thought we could discuss here.

It seems there is a growing interest in running, barefoot running, and also sockless running. With the increase in interest in running, there has also been an increase in the interest in running shoes.

For those with a desire to  run sockless I thought I’d share a few bits of information and a few shoes to consider for your sockless running adventure.

Best Women’s Running Shoes to Wear Sockless

There are a few common issues with wearing shoes sockless:

  • Moisture
  • Irritation
  • Blisters

It’s been common for women to go sockless with dress shoes and some casual shoes. Some instances of the common problems with going sockless can arise in these situations, but for running the issues are more common.

What are the important design features of running shoes to prevent issues with running sockless?

There is some good insight in the comments on this thread – Sockless Running Shoe Choices.

Common themes in the thread highlight some key features of good running shoes for sockless running:

  • Lightweight
  • Seamless
  • Breathable

With those features in mind, here are a few running shoes to consider when running sockless…

Reebok RunTone Create

Reebok RunTone Create

Shop: Reebok RunTone Create

Reebok has a seamless technology they call SmoothFit. Seamless on the inside of the shoe allows for a lower chance of irritation and blistering. As you run or work out your skin will move in your shoe. A seamless liner or sockliner design allows for as little rubbing and irritation as possible.

Reebok RunTone Action

Reebok RunTone Action

Shop: Reebok RunTone Action

The Action from Reebok shares technology with its sister, the Create, above. The upper has a breathable mesh to allow for as much moisture to wick away from your foot as you run. The seamless design will provide an environment for your foot to move without irritation.

New Balance CW442

New Balance CW442

Shop: New Balance CW442

This popular style from New Balance is coveted for its lightweight construction. The shoe is not designed specifically for running, but this casual can work for running sockless in some cases. The lightweight construction is the biggest benefit to allow your feet to move effortlessly with little resistance.

Avia A5660W

Avia A5660W

Shop: Avia A5660W

Avia always has a great design for women’s running shoes. This style is one of their latest releases and it can work well for sockless running. The design is lightweight and is well cushioned to allow your foot to feel comfortable even as you work out and run.

Ryka Synergy

Ryka Synergy

Shop: Ryka Synergy

The Synergy from Ryka is designed to be as lightweight as possible. you’ll feel like there is nothing on your foot at all. The upper is breathable to allow moisture to escape as you exercise. The unique feature on Ryka shoes is the forefoot strap. As mentioned above, a big issue with blisters is rubbing. If you exercise sockless your foot can get moist. This can lead to rubbing. The forefoot strap on these Ryka shoes can help to keep your foot in place even as you perspire.


It’s important to remember that running sockless is a risk. If you haven’t run sockless before there is a high risk of getting blisters. If your feet are conditioned to running and working out with socks it’s important to allow your feet time to adjust to running sockless.


What do you think about these suggestions for sockless running shoes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Woman Running image courtesy of mikebaird