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Top 5 Womens Slippers for Winter 2012


Winter Lodge

The leaves are falling off the trees. The ice is starting to form on the lakes and the smell of hot chocolate is filling the air. It’s a wonderful time of year with plenty of happy people walking around even in the chilly weather.

Each year the cold weather brings out the good in people, but those chilly days can also be uncomfortable especially if you get cold feet. It can be difficult to keep warm during the winter months and that’s why some of the best companies in the footwear industry come out with new slippers each winter season.

This year there are many great women’s slipper options. Some of the most well known shoe companies have come out with new styles. The traditional patterns are still available along with a few new twists.

Here are five of the very best Women’s Slippers for 2012. These are sure to keep your feet nice and toasty this season.

Top 5 Women’s Slippers for 2012

It’s rare to find someone without slippers during the winter months. Anytime you visit someone at their house they’ll usually have warm looking slippers on their feet as they move from room to room. It’s especially necessary for those hard wood or tile floors. If only we could all have in-floor heating.

But until that days happens there are always some great options for slippers. Check these out.

Roxy Snowflake

Roxy Snowflake

Roxy has the cutest shoes. The great shoe company has a few great new slippers out for this winter and we are just in love with this style. It’s called the Snowflake and it comes in a couple great patterns. The faux fur will keep your entire foot warm and cozy. The bottom is also made for a little work on rougher surfaces should you venture out into the cold for a short trip.

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Haflinger Colleen

Haflinger Colleen

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to put the color away. The Colleen from Haflinger comes in some really great colors. You can try this version and be sure to show off your great personality this winter even when everyone else is stuck with the same old grays, blacks, and browns.

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Daniel Green Kaitlyn

Daniel Green Kaitlyn

The Kaitlyn from Daniel Green is all about class. If you’re hosting people over at your house this winter for an event you can keep your feet warm indoors and have a nice, dressy look. It’ll be sure to turn some heads with all the sparkle and glitz.

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Slippers International Lacey Bootie

Slippers International Lacey

This bootie from Slippers International is the coziest of the cozy slippers. The entire bootie is filled with genuine shearling. It’ll keep your foot warm even during the coldest of nights. You can cozy up by the fire and never even think about your toes getting cold.

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Minnetonka Sheepskin Mule Slipper

Minnetonka Sheepskin

If you are looking for the ultimate slip-on slipper then this is your ticket. The mule slipper from Minnetonka is constructed well to make sure it can handle all the wearing you’re going to give it this season. Slippers are often the most worn shoes during the winter months so it’s important to have one that sticks around the entire season and beyond.

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Winter Lodge image courtesy of Mark Hill Photography