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Brad & Emily Sitting in a Tree

Another season of The Bachelor is officially over. Brad Womack, our lucky two-try bachelor, narrowed his choices down to Chantal or Emily two weeks ago. Although I had heard rumors from week one that Chantal would be the final girl chosen, I really didn’t believe it. Watching the season unfold, it was pretty obvious to see that despite a fourteen year age difference, Emily was the one. Low and behold, Brad did choose the southern belle single mom in last night’s emotional finale. (Catch a hilarious recap of the finale on my favorite [ . . . ]

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Bachelor Brad – Back Again

I love ABC’s The Bachelor. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with a group of girlfriends and watch some mindless entertainment. You can easily guess where I spent this past Monday night! This season’s bachelor is actually a repeat. No, they aren’t re-running a previous season. They’re simply using a recycled bachelor – Brad Womack.

Brad was on the show about three years ago and ended up [ . . . ]

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Modern Family Provides Fresh Comedy

The past five years or so, I’ve really felt like there has been a lack of good, old-fashion sitcoms on tv. The end of NBC’s Friends was a huge deal to me. I was a freshman in college as the series was winding down and got into the habit of watching each new episode with the girls in my dorm. Since finding out that Ross & Rachel did end up together and realizing that Joey’s spin-off was no substitute for the real thing, I haven’t found too many comedies that hold my attention the way Friends did. Thanks goodness for [ . . . ]

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Dancing with the Stars Cast – Season 11

This week while enjoying my new favorite Primetime guilty pleasure, The Bachelor Pad, I was excited to find out that I would be getting an added bonus. ABC was ready to announce the not-so-secret new contestants on Dancing with the Stars. The past few seasons have brought about some entertaining choices. From the charismatic and fun (Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek) to the underdog (Kelly Osbourne) to the borderline professional dancer (Nicole Scherzinger, Mya) there are usually [ . . . ]

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Good-Bye Ugly Betty! – Series Finale

It was a bittersweet evening at my house on Wednesday. Although I did get to enjoy new episodes of The Middle, CougarTown and Modern Family, I also watched the very last episode of Ugly Betty. As you probably already know, I’m going to miss it! (FYI – if you haven’t watched the finale yet and don’t want to know how it ends, you may want to skip this post. There will be spoilers!)

I have to say, I was a little worried about how they were [ . . . ]

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Making the Switch

Say it’s not so! Per People, Dancing with the Stars fan favorite Julianne Hough will not be returning to the ABC hit show next season. It sounds like she would rather create music than dance to it.

Julianne recently made an appearance at the High School Musical 3: Senior Year premier in Los Angeles. Was she looking to get some musical pointers from the stars of this popular Disney movie? [ . . . ]