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Style Guide: 10 Best Espadrille Sandals

One of the most classic sandal styles out there has got to be the espadrille. This style has been around practically since footwear was invented and offers a fresh and flirty look for summer dress-up days. Ginnifer Goodwin is pictured rocking a pair while filming the movie Something Borrowed, due out June 2011. I hadn’t heard of this movie (or accompanying book) before putting this post together, but [. . .]

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Sandra Bullock’s Secret Son

Sandra Bullock has had a tough time of late. I’m sure most people are aware of the issues she has been having in her marriage to Jesse James. I’ve spent the last couple of months hoping that some good news would be coming her way, while the whole time she has been keeping a joyful secret – make that a bundle of joy secret!

According to People.com, Sandra and Jesse were in the process of adopting a newborn son named [ . . . ]

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Love on the Big Screen – Valentine’s Day the Movie

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the movie Valentine’s Day. It is jammed packed with star power and seems like a cute way to look at the holiday of love. If you’re looking for something to do this Sunday, and have a willing date, I would suggest checking this out! If you don’t have much luck convincing your significant other to choose this movie over something like Avatar, don’t fret. [ . . . ]