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Celebrity Style: Sergio Ramos

¿Hablas Español? ¿No? Well, do you like Fútbol (soccer)? What about gaming?

Console releases are the current talk of the town, especially after the newest releases on the market. On November 15, the PS4 was released in the US and last night was the release of the Xbox One. Both consoles had numerous people waiting in line to get the newest and greatest console around. Now it’s all about which is better – and why!

It’s not just the “Average Joe” who is getting involved in these releases; soccer star Sergio Ramos was super excited to play the new Xbox One. At the premiere in Madrid . . .

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The Beauty and The Basketball Player

I don’t know what it is, but I’m blindsided by pretty much every celebrity divorce I see. As common as break-ups are in Hollywood, you would think I’d be used to it by now. I guess I’m either a hopeless romantic or hopelessly naïve! Either way, when TMZ released a story stating that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker would be divorcing I didn’t believe it. When the story was confirmed with an actual filing a few days later I was still surprised! The twosome seemed like such a down-to-earth, away from the spotlight, ‘normal’ couple [ . . . ]

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A Night of Crazy Dreams Come True

Although I have been a fan of country music since I was in elementary school, I have to say I am loving it even more now. The whole genre is expanding into new areas, with unique talent leading the way. Two of my favorite forces behind these changes had big nights Wednesday at the CMA awards in Nashville.

Taylor Swift raked in the winnings, walking away with awards for Music Video, Album, Female Vocalist, & Entertainer of the Year. I know some people were shocked that she was able to pull off wins in so many categories, but I wasn’t. She is an amazing artist, songwriter and role model, and is equally talented at live performances. She is also a surprisingly good comedian, as showcased by[ . . . ]