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Danica McKellar: New Book, New Baby

Who would have guessed that little Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years would grow up to be a hot mama and a math whiz?! Danica McKellar, who played Kevin’s love interest on the hit late-80s/early-90s show, recently launched two new projects. The first, in August of 2010, was the actress’s third book on math – Hot X: Algebra Exposed. The second, in September if 2010, was a brand new baby! On Friday, People.com introduced the world to little Draco. The new Dad is [ . . . ]

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Celebrity Baby Boom

Is there something in the water? A spate of celebrities has announced their pregnancies in recent weeks. It looks like this winter will bring about the start of a brand new bunch of celebrity mini-mes. I have to say I’m excited! I love hearing positive news about the rich and famous and what can be better (and cuter) than a new addition to the family? The list of celebrities expanding their broods include [ . . . ]