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Fall/Winter 2013 Trend: Multi-Buckled Boots

We’re often told in life that anything in excess is never a good thing. However, boot buckles loosen up this season and break the rule for some good ole’ fashion fun – and so should you!

Simple boot styles are always a chic choice, but layering on multiple shoe candy accessories is also a hot and rising trend. That’s why multi-buckled boots are all over the fashion field and adding some much-needed rebellion to classic silhouettes.

Multi-buckled boots still pull off an aura of sophistication, but with an additional sassy punk appeal. Think military-chic with a feminine, avant-garde twist – or classics with a cutting-edge update. With so many styles and looks, you can choose a multi-buckled boot that fits your personal taste.

Who wants to be basic when you can be bold? Add a boot with a bevy of buckles to your style routine and get set to stand out from the classic crowds. Feel free to go a bit buckle-happy with our multi-buckle boot selections…