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Bill Cosby at the 2014 American Comedy Awards

Awards shows are all the rage – especially when it comes down to the fashion. Celebrities love to get dressed up and walk the red carpet in their stunning gowns or hand-tailored suits. But someone always has to stand out from the traditional Best-Dressed looks…whether it’s Lady Gaga in a meat suit or Miley Cyrus in a mouse costume, a star or two always dares to be a little (or a lot) different in attention-grabbing outfits. . .

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David Beckham Style Update

Last week was full of new commercials, football prep, and a lot of talk about who would win the big game. So how to do you get in the spotlight if you are not a football star or creating an awesome advertisement? Try looking at what David Beckham did.

On Saturday, February 1, David Beckham appeared in the New York H&M Store to promote his upcoming . . .

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New Ways To Rock Fun-In-The-Sun Style

The weather’s heating up, and it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy it. Summer’s a time to experience many of the luxuries Mother Nature has to offer. And if you’re from the Midwest you know to take advantage of the nice weather, because for us, summer’s warmth is all too quickly replaced by Jack Frost’s harsh chill.

Wherever the summer weather takes you, there’s a pair of shoes that fit the occasion. Here are some more of the latest men’s and women’s styles at ShoeMall that I think are great picks for all of your fun-in-the-sun adventures…

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Back in Black

It’s been 15 years since Agent J and Agent K first took on aliens living on Earth. It seems like just yesterday when Will Smith was the biggest star in the world in both the film world and the music world. His flashy jumpsuits and dance moves took over MTV with the theme song for the movie back then.

Today, the dancing has calmed a bit, but J and K are still ready to take on the aliens.