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What Your Shoes Say About You: Women

An interesting article appeared on Yahoo! discussing what shoes say about a person. We always wonder what other people are thinking about us. The article actually gave a little insight into what guys are thinking when they see a woman wearing a certain outfit including their shoe style. I thought it was fun so we’re going to do the same thing. Here are what a few shoe styles will say about you…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Christmas is about six weeks away and Christmas shopping is already here. In my experience it seems like it’s relatively easy to shop for women – most aren’t afraid to tell you straight up what they want. Guys on the other hand…well we struggle to find things we want that we don’t already have. I thought I could break down and share a few good Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend…

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Watch from The Blind Side – A Fall Staple

When I think of football and football movies, I don’t really think about fashion. There usually isn’t anything too stylish about a bunch of sweaty guys running around in twenty pounds of protective gear. Of course, The Blind Side doesn’t really fit the mold of a normal football story. Why wouldn’t it also go beyond the world of sports and step into the world of fashion? That’s exactly what happened when Sandra Bullock’s character sported [ . . . ]

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