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What’s a Bieber?

I have no plans to give in to ‘Bieber Fever,’ but I do find Justin Bieber intriguing. He sure has a lot of confidence for a 16 year-old. And why wouldn’t he? He’s a huge pop star, protégé of Usher and world renowned teen heartthrob. His latest adventure? A new 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy also featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his [ . . . ]

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People’s Choice Awards – 2011

If you didn’t catch the People’s Choice Awards this week, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! Normally, I feel like award shows are pretty predictable, but Wednesday’s program was actually somewhat surprising. Sure Twilight took home most of the top prizes, but the winners of categories like Favorite Talk Show Host, Favorite Movie Actor and Favorite TV Guest Star took me by surprise. See below for a complete list of [ . . . ]