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Jessica Alba and Family search for a Holiday Tree

Many families love this time of year because it gives them the opportunity to be together and get caught up on each other’s lives. Plus, around this time of the year there are a variety of traditions that families participate in, and one of those is likely selecting the “perfect” tree to place in their house.

Jessica Alba and her lovely family were recently spotted participating in this tradition. In this photo, we see Jessica, her husband Cash Warren, and Haven, one of her daughters. Honor, their other daughter, was probably too busy searching for . . .

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Style-Alert: Vacation-Ready Sandals

Are you getting set to take a vacation?

Depending on where your travels will take you, part of the process that goes on when planning a getaway is deciding what clothes and footwear to pack. 🙂

I’ve embarked on a search for the perfect vacation sandal – one that looks just as great as it feels on, and a style that won’t leave me in tears from the pain of long hours walking around exploring the sites.

Since I know vacation season is about to kick off soon for many of you, I thought I’d share my top picks of NEW sandals available right now on our website that I think will be great for my Vegas trip, and for your next vacation…

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Style Alert: Wonderful Wedges

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring! Rumor has it that Punxutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow earlier this month, so warmer weather should be just around the corner…right?? 🙂

As much as I look forward to boot season, I love this time of year – getting to see the new footwear coming in for spring/summer makes me want to get a jump-start on switching out my winter gear for warm weather duds…Of course with the unpredictable weather much of the country has had this year, it’s probably a little too soon to put those fur-covered boots away…It definitely doesn’t hurt to start shopping early while the hottest styles are available though! And there are so many chic styles and great trends this coming season; we just have to share them with you!

Expect to see wedges return to center stage this season. Available in a variety of uppers, colors and heel heights, you’ll find this spring/summer staple popping up everywhere – fashionistas are sure to discover a style to fit almost any function…

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Shoes From The Vow Movie

One of the hit movies of 2012 has been The Vow. The story revolves around a couple that is faced with a difficult situation – she loses her memory in a car accident. He has to win her heart all over again. The movie has been a steady performing at the box office as it continues to win over the hearts of movie-goers. Here is a look at the shoes from the movie…

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Selena Gomez Takes Over Monte Carlo In Summer’s Hottest Trends

She’s this summer’s rising star. She has a new album. She’s the envy of teenage girls worldwide, dating tween pop star Justin Bieber. Now, Selena Gomez is set to take over movie theaters in Monte Carlo out July 1. The young actress is garnering attention for her vocal and acting chops, and along with her co-stars Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place), Selena is a sure-fire fashion star as well…

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Bows for Your Toes

You put them in your hair, so why not on your shoes?! Detail on your shoes can add just the right amount of flare to any ordinary pair. Bows, flowers, ties and other accents on shoes are all the rage right now, and personally I love it! Many shoes are very stylish, but still lack a certain something, a something that says…