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Worth the Wait – New Moon

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! After an unsuccessful first bid to see New Moon, I finally got into a screening yesterday afternoon. It was awesome! I loved the book, so I’m actually a little surprised I liked the movie as much as I did. Normally, movies based on books just seem to disappoint me. It was nice to be wrong! (If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest skipping to the last [ . . . ]

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New Moon is Coming Soon!

The long awaited time will soon be coming to an end. New Moon comes out in theaters one week from today. It will be showing at 12:00am Friday, November 20, and you can only bet that if ticket offices aren’t already sold out they will be sold out very soon!

I like Kristen’s fashion style here much better than her Proenza Schouler she wore to the London premiere. This is very simple and put together paired with a hot pair of dark red pumps similar to the Naughty Monkey Hands Down pump

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Twilight Wins Again

Ok – I’ll admit it. No matter how hard I tried to resist, I was eventually sucked into the Twilight saga. After almost a year of subtle hints, pointed comments and near begging from friends I agreed to read the first book. I thought I would read the first few chapters, not be too interested and go back to my normal fluffy novels. In actuality, I neglected all household chores and other nonessential tasks until I finished the book. My friends were right, I loved it! (Thanks guys!)

It looks like our obsession [ . . . ]