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Who Went Nude at the Royal Wedding?

Just like countless others around the world, I’ve spent a fair amount of time this morning on the royal wedding. What can I say; I’m a sucker for romance. Whether it’s wishful thinking or simply the truth, I really feel like William & Kate look very happy and very much in love. Their relationship seems ‘real,’ for lack of a better word. And wasn’t their customary balcony appearance too cute?! Her poise and confidence will come in handy as she steps into one of the most visible roles in the world.

Another perk of their wedding is the chance to see royals and European celebrities out in all their fashionable glory. As I was clicking through photos of wedding arrivals on People.com, it became very obvious that [ . . . ]

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Nude Shoes: Hot Fall Fashion Trend

Nude shoes are heating up on the fashion trend list right now. For Fall 2010 nude shoes are going to be everywhere. Celebrities have been wearing nude shoes to lots of events since this past spring and women everywhere are catching on to the trend. Nudes shoes complement lots of outfits and nude footwear can even have a heightening effect on women. If you’re looking for more height and longer legs try some nude shoes. Continue reading for more on nude shoes and the celebrities wearing them [ . . . ]