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Evan Lysacek & Nastia Liukin: US Gold Medalists and ‘Really Good Friends’

Just on Monday, People.com released info. saying that these two are ‘really close’ friends, and then you have others that are saying different. Either way, if they are together together or not, they are on my radar for the Olympic’s hottest couple this year, and what’s even more special is Evan Lysacek taking home the gold medal this past Thursday in figure skating. YAY Evan! These two are just too cute together!

As quoted from the NYDailyNews.com,
[the couple, who first met in October 2008 while performing on the NBC special “Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular” confirm that they have been dating since last summer.

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Olympic Glory

The Winter Olympics are back! Some years I really get into the games, and some years I don’t. This year – I’m loving it! I was looking forward to watching speed skating, but have found myself interested in a lot more than just this. Skiing and snowboarding have really caught my attention, and I have even found myself fascinated by the game of logic that is curling. (Shocking, I know!)

Although I have dabbled in many sports, I am definitely not what anyone in their right mind would call an athlete. [ . . . ]