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Winter 2012 Style Guide: Men’s Winter Boots

This years there are some new names entering the men’s winter boot market. You’ll notice a few names you probably haven’t thought of when it comes to keeping your feet warm during the next few snowy months. There are new boots from the likes of PF Flyers, Mark Ecko, and Keen. The first two might be surprising and Keen is not too big of a surprise. Check out all the latest in Men’s Winter Boots…

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Shoe Trend 2011: Men’s Canvas Shoes

It’s 2011. The skies are clearing. The sun is shining and we’re all spending more time outside. As the temperatures heat up it’s necessary to shed those winter styles and check out the new summer fashion. Canvas shoes have long been a staple of summertime. From the old baseball diamond to the beach boardwalk, summer canvas is always in style. Check out the latest in canvas shoes for 2011…

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Fun ’80s Fashion is Back!

Topher Grace may best be known for his roll as a coming of age kid in the ’70s, but his new movie is about to hit the big screen and this time it’s 1988. The songs, the movies, the cars, and of course the fashion are all front and center in this one night story about life changing events for young adults. Grab your boombox and aviators and let’s go back in time…