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Bring Out Your Inner Athlete!

What’s one essential thing that almost everyone brings to the gym? Shoes! It’s pretty challenging to get a good workout in if you don’t have the proper athletic shoes. Many shoe companies and athletes know how important this. TV actress Sophia Bush shows us how it’s done!

Sophia Bush is most known for her roles in One Tree Hill and Chicago Fire. Like most actresses, Sophia has a life outside of acting, too . . .

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Gold Medal-Winning Athletic Styles

The 2012 Summer Olympics are underway! No matter what the sport, every athlete knows they need the right footwear to get them to the finish line, or score the game-winning goal.

Are you on the lookout for the perfect athletic kicks? Whether you’re a runner, soccer player or just need a good pair of sneakers for long, energizing walks, I’ve found some great shoes that win the style and quality gold medal…

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Getting Value From Your Running Shoes

Running continues to be a popular way for folks to stay in shape, spend time outdoors, and feel energized and accomplished. Running is the purest form of working out and people still use it for many reasons. So it makes sense that running shoes are a big concern for runners of all abilities. Here are a few tips on getting the most for your running shoe money…

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