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Kevin’s Style Picks: Spring 2014

Whether you are looking forward to the morning or evening runs, or just a walk down the pier, ShoeMall has the perfect shoes for every spring occasion. Kevin, one of ShoeMall’s men’s merchandisers, is up to date on all the latest and greatest in men’s fashion. He has handpicked his favorite shoes just for you . . .

Our Picks

Spring 2013: Kevin’s Picks

If you are looking for stylish men’s shoes Kevin is your guy! He’s ShoeMall’s men’s merchandiser and is up to date on the latest styles in men’s footwear. Get ready to bring out those warm weather shoes and check out his top ten picks this season for some great new style ideas!

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Kevin’s Picks: Summer 2012

Summer time is an active time. There are lots of shoes that make it enjoyable to be outdoors when the temperatures are warm. Kevin, ShoeMall’s men’s merchandiser, has provided his thoughts on a few of the best styles for men this summer. Do you need shoes for the summer? Check these out for some great expert picks…

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What Your Shoes Say About You: Men

Yesterday we looked at what guys think of women’s shoes. Today we’re turning the tables and looking at what women think of men and their choices of shoes. Let’s face it – most men have no idea how to dress themselves let alone pick out a pair of shoes. We pretty much aim for comfort because if we aim for style we’re almot guaranteed to lose. Here are what a few women thought about guys and their shoes…

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Summer 2012 Guide to Men’s Sandals

Summer is here. It’s time to break out the hot weather gear and hit the beach, the course or the park. If you’re like me, summer means spending time outdoors while having fun with family and friends. I love summertime. Something I need to make summer perfect is a good pair of sandals. They’re the go to footwear item each year. Here are a few options for the summer of 2012…

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Top 5 Men’s Slippers for 2012

The weather is cooling off in most parts of the country. There is a nip in the air. Families are thinking about packing up and heading to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And since Grandma always requires you to take your shoes off it might be wise to pack a pair of slippers. Here are five must-have slippers for this season…

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Shoe Trend 2011: Men’s Canvas Shoes

It’s 2011. The skies are clearing. The sun is shining and we’re all spending more time outside. As the temperatures heat up it’s necessary to shed those winter styles and check out the new summer fashion. Canvas shoes have long been a staple of summertime. From the old baseball diamond to the beach boardwalk, summer canvas is always in style. Check out the latest in canvas shoes for 2011…

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