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Bradley Cooper Is Limitless in New Movie

Bradley Cooper is racking up hit movie after hit movie these days. His breakout role came in the The Hangover and he’s been on a nonstop thrill ride ever since. Now the first trailer for his upcoming 2011 movie is out and it’s certainly interesting. We are introduced to a character that is down on his luck. He appears to be an author yet he can’t write even one word. Then something magic happens and his life is changed. The movie asks a question of the audience – What would you do?

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Winter Boots for the Whole Focker Family

The entire cast is back for Little Fockers. The movie is the third installment of the Focker and Byrnes family. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro lead the cast in what is sure to be a family favorite this Christmas season. As you celebrate your own family Christmas and perhaps venture out to see Little Fockers be sure everyone in your family has warm feet when the temperatures turn south. Here are some good winter boot choices…