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Watch from The Blind Side – A Fall Staple

When I think of football and football movies, I don’t really think about fashion. There usually isn’t anything too stylish about a bunch of sweaty guys running around in twenty pounds of protective gear. Of course, The Blind Side doesn’t really fit the mold of a normal football story. Why wouldn’t it also go beyond the world of sports and step into the world of fashion? That’s exactly what happened when Sandra Bullock’s character sported [ . . . ]

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Sandra Bullock’s Secret Son

Sandra Bullock has had a tough time of late. I’m sure most people are aware of the issues she has been having in her marriage to Jesse James. I’ve spent the last couple of months hoping that some good news would be coming her way, while the whole time she has been keeping a joyful secret – make that a bundle of joy secret!

According to People.com, Sandra and Jesse were in the process of adopting a newborn son named [ . . . ]

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Sandra Bullock in the Spotlight

Being a big Sandra Bullock fan, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only would she play a fantastic role in The Proposal, but that she would also play an even better role in The Blind Side. That’s not to even mention the other movie she starred in that came out earlier this year: All About Steve, with Bradley Cooper. You can bet she has been a busy lady lately, and her fans are loving every minute of it[ . . . ]