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Brad & Emily Sitting in a Tree

Another season of The Bachelor is officially over. Brad Womack, our lucky two-try bachelor, narrowed his choices down to Chantal or Emily two weeks ago. Although I had heard rumors from week one that Chantal would be the final girl chosen, I really didn’t believe it. Watching the season unfold, it was pretty obvious to see that despite a fourteen year age difference, Emily was the one. Low and behold, Brad did choose the southern belle single mom in last night’s emotional finale. (Catch a hilarious recap of the finale on my favorite [ . . . ]

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The Bachelorette – A Tough Choice

I can’t believe another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end! This season has been one of my favorites, but not necessarily because of the people on the show. Ever since college, my friends and I have gotten into the habit of getting together every Monday night for girl’s night centered around ABC’s infamous dating show. This year, we decided to turn it into an innocent competition – and Fantasy Bachelorette was born!

I have to admit we got the idea from [ . . . ]