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VMAs 2011 Shoe Fashion Recap

All the stars were out last night at the MTV Video Music Awards. A few stars made quite the impression on viewers. The outrageous and crazy personalities didn’t disappoint. One big name is pregnant. Others were impressive with their performances. And still a few others stood out for their footwear. Here’s a little recap of the 2011 VMAs…

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Bows for Your Toes

You put them in your hair, so why not on your shoes?! Detail on your shoes can add just the right amount of flare to any ordinary pair. Bows, flowers, ties and other accents on shoes are all the rage right now, and personally I love it! Many shoes are very stylish, but still lack a certain something, a something that says…

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A Closet Must-Have: Peep-Toe Booties

All right, I suppose it’s about time for me to admit I have a bit of a problem. Ok, so it may be a tad bigger than just a bit, but not by much. Nonetheless, I personally don’t think it’s absolutely out of control. It is, however, an expensive problem. This I can say because there is actual hard evidence against me – my credit card statement. I like to consider myself…