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Comfy & Stylish Backyard BBQ Shoes

Summer’s officially in full swing!

This of course means many of you have been firing up the grill, enjoying backyard barbecue season with family and friends, and getting ready for your upcoming Fourth of July celebrations on Thursday.

I love a good barbecue – there’s nothing better than kicking back on a sunny summer afternoon with loved ones, and eating yummy grilled food. And when it comes to outdoor footwear, I like to keep my look casual, comfy and stylish. So of course this got me thinking about all of the great new men’s women’s and kids’ casual shoes available this season. Here’s just a taste of this season’s hottest summer styles, available right now on our website…

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Everyone Rock The Wedge…Sneaker!

We’re living on the wedge! 🙂

Wedge sandals are always in style during the summer months. And this year, the wedge trend can be spotted on some more classic shoe styles.

That’s right – a cool new trend has emerged that everyone including today’s hottest young celebs are rocking – the wedge sneaker! If you love the lift that a wedge sandal gives but want a pair of everyday shoes, the wedge sneaker is the shoe for you!

Everyone from Miranda Kerr and Ellen Pompeo, to Chloe Moretz and more are rocking the wedge sneaker this year.

If you’re thinking about trying this trend on for size, you’re in luck! We have a great variety of wedge sneakers available right now on our website – but at a fraction of the cost of other high-end designers…

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Spring/Summer 2013 Kids’ Sandals

With spring officially here, it’s time to start switching out those cold weather duds for warm weather gear. You may have already started the process by checking out the awesome sandal collection we have on our website. 🙂

Well, if you have little ones at home, it’s time to update their footwear for spring too!

From sandals fit for summer vacation, to durable styles that are ready for playground days, here are a few top Boys’ and Girls’ sandals available right now!

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Trend Alert: Studs & Wedge Sneakers

Studded shoes and wedge sneakers are two great trends this year. Studs look great on sandals, boots, heels, wedges… basically any shoe you can imagine. They are not just for shoes either, studs look great on handbags and clothes too! They add a little bit of an edge to any outfit and are super cute!! Wedge sneakers are trendy and becoming incredibly popular! They look super cute with skinny jeans and are more comfortable than a pair of high heels!

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2012 Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are fast approaching. Do you find yourself having a hard time trying to pick out the perfect gift for a child, sibling, parent or that special someone? Are you gearing up to host the perfect holiday get-together or attend an upscale soirée, but don’t know what to wear? Guess what? We’re here to help…

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Bewitching Shoes For Halloween

It’s that time of year again! Pop a scary movie into the DVD player, start carving the pumpkins and stockpile the candy – Halloween is almost here! 🙂

I have to admit, Halloween is my favorite holiday – the haunted houses, the decorations, horror movie marathons and the costumes… I love it all! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who enjoys All Hallows Eve. According to the “Chicago Tribune,” Halloween spending is anticipated to top a whopping $8 BILLION dollars in 2012!

Whether you’re looking for a costume for an upcoming Halloween party or the perfect getup for your child to wear Trick-or-Treating, the right pair of shoes is essential to complete the look! From the traditional to the latest pop culture trends, I’ve selected a variety of men, women’s and kids’ kicks to go with some of the hottest costumes of the year.

Read on if you dare…

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Fall 2012 Boot Trend: Riding Boots

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of riding boots.

The classic equestrian boot goes great with almost everything in your closet, transitions from season-to-season with ease and it’s a comfortable footwear choice for fall.

Luckily my fellow fashionistas, every great footwear brand has their own stylish take on the riding boot this year – you can find a cute pair of kicks at any price point you choose.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a bargain or in the mood to splurge a little on your fall footwear wardrobe, we’ve selected several riding boots to fit your individual style and budget…

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