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Who Went Nude at the Royal Wedding?

Just like countless others around the world, I’ve spent a fair amount of time this morning on the royal wedding. What can I say; I’m a sucker for romance. Whether it’s wishful thinking or simply the truth, I really feel like William & Kate look very happy and very much in love. Their relationship seems ‘real,’ for lack of a better word. And wasn’t their customary balcony appearance too cute?! Her poise and confidence will come in handy as she steps into one of the most visible roles in the world.

Another perk of their wedding is the chance to see royals and European celebrities out in all their fashionable glory. As I was clicking through photos of wedding arrivals on People.com, it became very obvious that [ . . . ]

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Brad & Angelina: Wedding in India?

The last few days have been pretty sparse in new celebrity gossip, so I offer the following rumor with a large grain of salt. It appears that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be getting married in the New Year. Various sources, including The Telegraph out of the UK and The Wall Street Journal, are reporting that the two plan to tie the knot in India. The officiant is said to be an 83-year-old Hindu priest who has allegedly helped the couple mend problems in their relationship. His love fixes for the pair include [ . . . ]

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Wedding Bells for Hilary Duff

Can it be true? Is little Lizzie McGuire about to tie the knot? According to In Touch & MSN, Hilary Duff will be a married woman sometime this weekend. The magazine is reporting that the wedding is set to go down in Santa Barbara at the San Ysidro Ranch. Those little details like the Bachelor party and first dance choreography? Already taken care of as well!

Although I am not too proud of it, I will admit [ . . .]

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ShoeMall’s Shoes to Say I Do – Wedding Hints

If you’ve been following our wedding blog post series, you may have noticed that we’ve been sprinkling some wedding advice into our writings each week. If you’re getting married or know someone who is, we want to help you out! We’ve compiled all our hints into one convenient blog post for you to read or share with your friends and family. Have some other great advice to share with our readers? Please leave us a comment and let us in on your bits of wisdom!
[ . . . ]

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What to Wear to a Wedding

We all know that when you are the bride, months of planning will go into your wardrobe from your hair accessories down to your shoes! But, what about the wedding guests? It is also a big event for them, and they want to be looking their best, yet be comfortable all day long. In our wedding series, we’ve talked about many different wedding styles[. . .]

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ShoeMall’s Shoes to Say I Do – Elegant Wedding

Wedding season has just gotten underway, but our wedding shoe series is drawing to a close. Our final model is another ShoeMall employee – Rachel K. Her dress is a great example of a timelessly elegant wedding dress. The cut, style and simple embellishments make this a dress that has the potential to be fashionable many years into the future. Who knows, if she has a daughter someday it may even become a family heirloom!

When pairing shoes and accessories with an elegant dress, you have a couple of options. You can [ . . . ]

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