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Summer 2014 Trend Report: Cutout/Perfed Shoes

Summer’s just around the corner – and that means fresh looks and breezy styles to set the season in motion. Cutouts have been a huge trend this year…so if you’re looking to make your summer basics look breathtaking (and beach-worthy!), cutout shoes are your answer.

Since we’re all dreaming of summer tans anyhow, we’ve picked out a tan cutout collection to get you started!

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Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri

New York City is always buzzing with tourists, celebrities, and all the New Yorkers. If you’ve ever been to the busy Big Apple or plan to make a trip there, you’ll definitely want to visit the Empire State Building – especially during holidays or special events! Each night its top tower changes lights, and may be one or many different colors all at once. While the traditional color is white, you’ll find green lights for Saint Patrick’s Day, red/white/blue lights for Memorial Day, or school colors during NYU and Columbia’s Commencement. Recently on Tuesday, May 6, the Empire State Building had light purple lights in honor of . . .